Let's redefine video analytics together.

We've changed our name. Here's everything you need to know.

Welcome to Azena

Azena_Logo Transition

Some of you might already know our award-winning platform and that we have been offering flexible and future-proof video analytics solutions to customers and integrators worldwide since March 2020.

We are excited to announce that we've come a long way since our launch and now offer close to 100 apps in our Application Store that extend far beyond security and safety.

As always, we will keep growing and developing, but moving forward, we will do this under a new name: Azena.

So let's redefine video analytics together.

Questions & Answers

Everything you need to know about our name change.

This name change does not affect our cooperation in any way, and we are looking forward to continuing our valued business relationship. Additionally, we are only changing our brand name and not the legal entity. This means that all contracts and billing relationships remain unchanged, valid, and functional.

The only thing for you to arrange, is change any references you have to the Security & Safety Things brand or the domain www.securityandsafetythings.com to reference Azena or www.azena.com instead. You can find more information on how to properly reference our new brand in the co-marketing guidelines we linked above. The sooner you make these updates, the better, so that your users can enjoy a seamless and consistent experience.

Rest assured that during the transition period, links pointing to the old domain will be redirected to our new domain, and e-mails sent to old addresses on the mail domains @securityandsafetythings.com or @de.bosch.com will still find their way to the respective recipients.

Now that we have reached the next level of maturity, with close to 100 apps in our Application Store, hundreds of Integrators on our platform, and innovative projects using our platform around the globe in many different industries, we wanted to find a new name that underscores our platform's maturity, openness, and reliability.

The Azena platform is creating more opportunities and potential for the entire security and safety industry. We do this by redefining how video analytics innovation finds its way into the market, becoming readily available for end-users to harness and generating new business models and revenue streams for Integrators and other industry stakeholders.

There is no change to these details, as we are not changing the legal entity, which remains Security and Safety Things GmbH.

It does not. It is a brand name change only, which does not affect the legal entity.

Please direct any questions to your known contact partners at Azena (formerly Security & Safety Things) or refer to our full Q&A Document.