Azena Platform Training

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Get exclusive training on our platform and offering, so you can better understand the complexity and flexibility of our solutions.

Team Meeting
  • Make sure to be able to offer the latest technology for the job to increase your customers' processes    

  • Identify gaps & potential for optimization in your current solution portfolio

  • Become a thought leader in a relatively new field of technology that reshapes how security cameras are used

Business Meeting

Your current solutions quickly become outdated, and the need to innovate and provide best-in-class integration is a never-ending battle. Therefore, we have created a flexible & future-proof solution for you.

Team Planning

In these training days, you will learn all aspects of our platform, applications tailored for your needs, and integration possibilities.



Jose Faria Agrela

Senior Sales Executive, EMEA

Lukas Liese - Product Manager

Lukas Liese

Product Manager

Andrew Pefold

Andrew Penfold

Partner Manager/Coordinator

How to get started

Provide us with a minimum of 5 staff members to be trained at any one time

The training is FREE, we only ask for a fee to cover travel expenses for our team

Provide us with a training room and TV/Monitor with HDMI

If training is offsite this can be arranged together with Azena at an appropriate location

Brainstorm at least 5 new opportunities to implement Azena solutions

Training for Business Development & Portfolio Managers

Group 8709-1-1
  • Understanding why video analytics in retail should be implemented.
  • General overview of platform and company to build trust & curiosity.
  • Extended session on endless possibilities with the solutions.  Highlighting case studies and custom solutions they can implement.
  • General overview of key selling points for applications and how they complement their existing infrastructure.
  • Takeaways: Cheat Sheets.

What's Included

  • 1-hour training
  • Company Introduction
  • Application Store - How to navigate the App Store
  • Device Management Suite - How to navigate the Device Management Suite
  • Camera OS (high-level) - How the Camera OS brings everything together
  • App Management - How to select, trial, purchase Apps and Install them on camera
  • 2-hour training
  • Show multiple interesting use cases - Selected either pre-defined or popular Use Cases and show how existing apps can solve them
  • Show features and applicability of X apps live/videos - Selected App Deep Dive (Best Practice, Configuration, FAQ's)
  • 1-hour training
  • Overview of App Developer Community - Overview of Developer Community
  • Developer Onboarding - Developer Tools and Onboarding Overview
  • Highlight developers in the same region - Highlighting developers in the same region

Training for Technicians & Operators

Group 282-1-1
  • Deep dive into the technical configuration of the apps and cameras and loading the prepaid licenses to the devices.
  • Camera best of practice positioning and lighting.
  • Exploring a variety of VMS options including ones with events and alerts.
  • App development possibilities and supporting documentation.
  • Takeaways: Cheat Sheets.

What's Included

  • 3-hours training 
  • Setting up and configuring the camera - handling online and offline installations
  • Claiming the camera
  • Installing apps and demonstrating them
  • 2-hours  training
  • Integration Overview - How to build an end-to-end solution
  • ONVIF based support
  • IoT Gateways - Bridge to export data from camera to 3rd party systems
  • Integration Assistant - Node red as an App for edge use cases and custom integration
  • Integrators Tool Kit (ITK)


  • Time depends on the number of applications
  • Per selected App, prepare feature overview and hands-on demo
  • Optional: involve App Developer

Free Training Material

Mockup Application Guide Full

Application Store Guide

A One Stop Guide to an End-to-End Solutions


Integrator Resource Kit

Integrator Kit

Getting Started Resource Kit for System Integrators


Get Started with Application Store


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