Traffic & Parking

Automate parking management and improve traffic flow

Parking Management

Gain detailed insights into traffic flow and congestion, and automate parking to improve cities for all road users with video analytics from the Azena Application Store.

Azena for Traffic & Parking

Create convenient and efficient parking experiences

Use business analytics applications to automate parking and detect violations to become more efficient — all while offering a better experience for everyone.

Streamline Parking

Automate parking management

  • Create barrier-free parking spaces with automated and hassle-free parking charges to the minute.
  • Detect parking violations and send tickets automatically.
  • Analyze occupancy and guide drivers to the next free parking lot while reducing traffic in inner cities.
Keep Pedestrians Safe

Keep traffic and assets safe and secure

  • Identify anomalies such as burglary or crashes in real-time and alert police or security immediately.
  • Analyze frequent congestions and eliminate root causes to improve traffic flow. 
  • Monitor adherence to traffic laws.

Business insights you've always wanted

There are already countless ways to transform parking with smart security cameras. Learn about parking-specific use cases you cover with apps from our Application Store. Click on the hotspots to reveal use cases and apps.

Solution benefits


Easy integration

Integrate into the tools and systems you use.


Multiple apps per camera

Cameras are powered by a chipset that can run several apps in parallel.


High data privacy

Keep your customers' data secure. Video analytics runs on the edge – it is not required to save a video stream in the cloud.




Only relevant footage needs saving, reducing storage costs. Cameras can be upgraded and repurposed with software.



Future proof investment

We can't see into the future; however, with our camera solution, you can flexibly re-purpose all of your camera devices at any time with our Application Store.


Happy customers

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We'll start with a short discovery session to find out more about your business goals

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Once the trial starts, we'll begin analyzing camera data to give you actionable insights

Further insights

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