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Topview is the original Black & White CCD camera manufacturer dated back to early 1980s, and has been pioneering the development of Video Surveillance camera based in Taiwan. Since founding, Topview has been the only manufacturer without own brand working for and with global tier-one brand name partners under JDM and ODM basis.

BOX080N-IAX0 (Box) (1)

Camera series

Topview camera hardware are supported by its platform-agnostic software architecture across multiple processor brands and chipset generations, allowing brand partners to develop its own firmware with differentiations, less engineering resources and shorter time to market. Also because Azena OS is open, migrating camera firmware to future OS release to support latest apps is at great ease.

Azena-enabled Topview cameras

Topview and Azena

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Whether you want to manufacture cameras with our OS, market apps through our Application Store, or sell our solution platform, contact us to learn more about how we can achieve more together.