Create a better fan experience

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Gain insights into fan behavior and improve their experience by automated queue and people flow management.

Azena for Stadiums

Transform your stadium into a smart, digital venue

Gain detailed visitor insights and business intelligence to optimize your stadium layout and offering, all while becoming more efficient, ultimately increasing your top and bottom-line performance.


Improve visitor experience

  • Optimize queuing times to increase foot traffic flow. AI-driven applications can spot a queue forming or predict when a queue is about to form.
  • Monitor visitor flow to see which areas of your stadium have high traffic and re-assign security to those areas if needed.
  • Data analytics and recommended actions are provided in real-time. Alert staff immediately to take action.

Get meaningful visitor insights

  • Use tracking apps to monitor visitor movement in fan shops and understand if your merchandise is laid out correctly.
  • Pinpoint hard to access or narrow areas (e.g., fire exits, elevators/escalators) that are blocked or crowded aisles.

Business insights you've always wanted

Stadiums are shifting focus from protection against vandalism to the overall fan experience as video analytics has pushed security cameras' potential beyond safety & security.

There are already countless ways to transform stadiums with smart security cameras. Learn about stadium-specific use cases you can cover with apps from our Application Store.

Solution benefits


Easy integration

Integrate into the tools and systems you use.


Multiple apps per camera

Cameras are powered by a chipset that can run several apps in parallel.


High data privacy

Keep your visitors' data secure. Video analytics runs on the edge – it is not required to save a video stream in the cloud.




Only relevant footage needs saving, reducing storage costs. Cameras can be upgraded and re-purposed with software.



Future-proof investment

We can't see into the future; however, with our camera solution, you can flexibly re-purpose all of your camera devices at any time with our Application Store.


Happy customers

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Further insights

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Resources for stadiums

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Using smart security cameras to deliver a superior fan experience

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