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Release the power of AI video solutions.

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Our platform enables you to tackle a broad range of use cases.

Create modular and tailored solutions fast, mixing various apps from the Azena Application Store with cameras that run our operating system, or retrofit your existing cameras.

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Two Collumn - Retail

Increase store revenue
with smart retail analytics

  • Improve shopper experience by eliminating queuing time and improving store layout.
  • Data analytics and recommended actions are provided in real-time. Alert staff immediately to take action.
  • Analyze customer bahaviour and make  your store as data driven as an e-commerce.

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Two Collumn - Factory

Improve worker safety
and productivity

  • Monitor policy adherence such as protective equipment to reduce accidents.
  • Pinpoint hard to access or narrow areas (e.g. fire exits, elevators/escalators) that are blocked or crowded aisles.
  • Analyze production flow to see which processes can be further improved.
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Two Collumn - Stadium

Create a better fan

  • Transform your stadium into a smart, digital venue with analytics and recommended actions, all provided in real-time.

  • Monitor visitor movement in fan shops and at foodstalls to optimize staffing and presentation.
  • Monitor and steer crowd movement for more security and less waiting times.
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Two Collumn - Health

Improve patient care
and optimize processes

  • Implement remote patient monitoring that gives real-time analytics insights. 

  • Monitor adherence to protective equipment and restrict access in highly sensitive areas.

  • Protect patients and secure equipment and medication.

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Two Collumn - Train

Improve passenger
experience, safety, and security


  • Gain operational intelligence to optimize processes and station layout for better  passenger flow.
  • Detect anomalies in stations and trains, such as loitering in real-time to react quickly and to reduce delays.
  • Increase security by detecting abandoned luggage, weapons or agressive behavior.
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Two Collumn - Traffic

Automate parking management
and improve traffic flow

  • Identify anomalies such as burglary or crashes in real-time.
  • Analyze occupancy and guide drivers to the next free parking lot while reducing traffic in inner cities.

  • Analyze frequent congestion and eliminate root causes to improve traffic flow.

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Energy Solutions

Reduce downtime and gain real-time awareness of your oil & gas facilities


  • Monitor your plant and assets with smart video cameras to detect spills, flares, and gas leakage to optimize response times and safety measures.
  • Increase accuracy, speed and overall performance of security detection.
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs.
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Azena Platform Benefits


24/7 technical support

Round the clock setup and troubleshooting assistance from the Azena support team.


Multiple apps per camera

Cameras are powered by a chipset that can run several apps in parallel.


High data privacy

Keep your customers' data secure. Video analytics runs on the edge.



Easy integration

Integrate into the tools and systems you use using various integration options.



Future proof investment

Flexibly re-equip cameras with apps at any time, using always the latest technology.


Start with a free trial

Our trial program is an easy way to gain actionable insights into your use case with our camera solution without a long-term commitment.

We'll start with a short discovery session to find out more about your business goals

If you decide to start a trial, we'll begin scoping the project with our Technical Sales team

Once the trial starts, we'll analyze the data together to give you actionable insights