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Imagine building an IoT camera system exactly as you want it. Blending cameras from many manufacturers, no software or hardware compatibility distractions.

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Install cutting-edge apps to transform what you can do with cameras. Our pioneering Application Store features groundbreaking apps of all kinds. With more added all the time.

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Find the perfect camera for your set-up

Which camera is right for you? Choose from all major form factors running our OS, including dome, bullet, PTZ and box cameras.

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Azena-enabled cameras

Browse cameras from different manufacturers that already
run the Azena operating system.

Manage your devices and apps from anywhere

Use our flexible platform for online and local camera systems. Completely independent of your network.

Azena Device Management Portal

Device Management Portal - for online camera systems

Manage all your cameras and apps through our easy-to-use online portal. Save yourself time and costs by updating your entire camera system online. Reduce time-consuming site visits.

Local Network Camera (2)

Device Management Tool - for local camera networks

Use our Windows client tool to manage all your apps through local networks. You can use this for online and local camera systems – independent of your network.

Integrate with any


Integrate the Azena platform into your existing environment

Stick with the manufacturer tools you’re used to when you’re deploying your cameras. Benefit from our integration with all major VMS vendors through ONVIF and proprietary integrations.


Consume meta data shared by apps

Apps running on the Azena OS can share valuable meta-data such as bounding boxes and analytics data which you can consume on other systems and apps.

Develop and sell your own apps at ease

Want to develop your own app? Our platform also supports app developers.

In your country

We already launched our platform in many countries throughout the world and are constantly adding more. See if your country is one of them.

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What you pay for

You only pay for apps purchased through our Application Store. No additional costs apply for use of cameras that run our OS or tools and services we provide.