5 ways security cameras can help to reopen safely

● IoT-enabled security cameras can make public environments more efficient, customer-friendly and most importantly, more secure and safe ● AI applications can assist transportation and retail sectors with upholding challenging COVID-19 guidelines, as stations open and stores resume business
● By connecting smart cameras with other systems in IoT, safety processes can be fully automated

Munich June 4th, 2020 — As the world shifts to accommodate post COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, smart camera system capabilities will continue to grow in importance and demand. Wherever crowds of people come together, conventional video surveillance and human control reach their limits – especially when tasked with social distancing requirements and occupancy limitations.

Security & Safety Things (S&ST) offers an IoT platform for AI-enabled security camera applications, enabling camera capabilities beyond traditional security measures. Here are five examples of things the average reader wouldn’t know security cameras could do:

Maintain building occupancy restrictions
Offer crowd control data and assistance in corporate or public spaces
Assist in encouraging social distancing
Ensure proper protective gear is being worn
Assist workspaces in complying with new policies

Smart security cameras can assist in maintaining building occupancy restrictions for retail stores and other spaces, as they begin to resume business. S&ST’s developer partners offer real-time occupancy solutions, designed to limit risk of infection for both shoppers and employees. These applications can monitor multiple entrances and exits to track occupancy levels and maintain a safe shopping environment.

These apps can encourage social distancing in supermarkets, for example, where individuals should keep sufficient distance at checkouts and other chokepoints. Smart security cameras can also measure the density of groups or queues at checkouts and may give an alarm when people are standing too close together. This solution can also be used in buildings, work environments or at transportation venues – such as a ticket kiosk at a train station.

In healthcare facilities, transportation services and retail stores, adherence to protective face mask regulations, when social distancing limits are reached, will be of utmost importance as those organizations resume full operations. Using object recognition, video analysis in security cameras can detect whether people show defined
characteristics, such as wearing masks or gloves. If a person lacks protective clothing, for example when entering a supermarket, camera systems could automatically alert security personnel or block entrances.

Smart cameras can also detect and analyze at-risk areas for physical distancing in workspaces, public gathering spaces or setting such as transportation hubs. Applications can detect people and the distances between them, while providing additional visual analytics, which will allow managers to comply with current COVID-19 regulations.

For more information, on how businesses can leverage video analytics to gain enterprise wide operational intelligence, visit https://www.securityandsafetythings.com/


For press enquiries:

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Security and Safety Things GmbH)

Security and Safety Things operates an open IoT ecosystem that connects camera manufacturers, SoC providers, application developers, VMS providers, and systems integrators on an open IoT platform. Its goal is to accelerate the speed of innovation for security cameras and applications that make use of AI and computer vision. To achieve this the company offers a free and open operating system for security cameras, a development tool kit for app developers and a device management portal as well as an application store for integrators. Security and Safety Things GmbH is based in Munich, Germany and has been on the market since September 2018..

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