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Camera and Computer Connection

Integrations to third-party systems are often a critical point for video solutions. At Azena, we provide you with many options so you can create the solution you always wanted.


Connect all types of software & platforms

Connect to cloud, on-premise software, and platforms such as AWS, Azure, Microsoft Power BI, and Thingsboard. Native integration is enabled using common IoT protocols such as MQTT or REST for deep and custom exchange of data such as:

  • Alerts for intrusion detection, overcrowded areas, or smoke and fire 
  • Analytics data like demographic statistics, counting, heatmaps, and many more

Steer physical devices

Connect to actuators in the physical world via GPIO pins and steer them based on specific app events

  • Open parking barriers
  • Control lights
  • Manage access control
VMS Integration

Integrate to any VMS

The Azena Operating System is based on the industry-standard ONVIF Profile S and T that allows plug & play compatibility with any VMS that supports ONVIF.

  • Discover and configure camera streams
  • Consume video stream and recordings
  • Transmit metadata such as bounding boxes
  • Enable app events

How it works

Standard integrations are enabled by the Azena operating system. In addition to this, Application Developers can add custom integrations for their apps. Click on the highlighted hotspots below to learn more about the platform architecture.

Do you want to know more?

Our platform is built on the principle of flexibility - that's why we have created an operating system that also allows for easy custom integrations. Schedule a demo with our technical sales team to better understand and experience our platform live and see how we can help you achieve the solution you always wanted.

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