Why Azena is the next big thing for app developers and start-ups

The demand for specialized IoT camera apps is growing. Find out here how our IoT ecosystem can help you as a developer gain from this exploding market.

become a security & safety things developer partner

Take your business to the next level

At Azena, we have built a pioneering Application Store for security cameras.

Now you can seamlessly build applications for one standard OS and spend your time innovating instead of tediously adapting to the requirements of various operating systems. 

Start monetizing your apps by making them run on as many devices as possible. Just upload your application to our store and we'll handle the rest.

Interested in our Application Store? 

Get in touch to schedule a call and start selling applications for security cameras with just a few clicks!

How Azena helps you grow your business now

Flexible distribution: Respond quickly to new trends, requirements and feedback from your customers and adapt your apps in real-time.

Scale your business: develop apps once and make them available for a whole range of camera types

Market globally: Focus on innovation and let us handle payment, invoicing, license management and automated export control checks.

Strong community: 9 million Android developers worldwide can't be wrong. If you are already part of the community, you will enjoy our platform. If not, join us!

Market insights: Learn about the challenges end-users and integrators face in different industries and help with specialized solutions.

Plug & play simplicity: Change, adapt and update your Apps with just a few clicks, what and how you want to offer in our Application Store.

Modular app creation: Build custom applications fast, thanks to our frameworks and ready-to-use building blocks. So you don't need to develop everything from scratch.

Seamless integration: Develop fast and easy for our Android-based OS and use existing tools and libraries. Low entry hurdle through development standards guaranteed.

Get better app results: Access uncompressed raw data stream for algorithm processing

Intellectual property protection: Your ideas and apps remain your property in our Application Store. You decide on the conditions and where you sell at any time.

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Business success by numbers

66% of end-users who already use or intend to use specialized solutions you can reach through our Application Store.

70% of app development effort are saved by using our frameworks and ready-to-use building blocks.

8% of initial application development costs are saved by developing only for our OS, rather than for a variety of subsequent operating systems.

Good to know: Azena supports all (commercial) camera types, SoCs and image sensors.

3 innovators who already benefit from our platform

The number of developers and companies selling products in our Application Store is growing every day. Here we present three of them and their exciting video analysis solutions.

1. Semantive: Fire and smoke detection

This application automatically monitors indoor and outdoor areas for smoke and fire and detects incidents even from a long distance. The monitored area can be limited if, for example, a smoking object such as a chimney should not be considered.


2. RCE Systems: People counting and tracking in retail

Monitor and analyze customer behavior helps retailers increase their sales. This camera app mines counts, statistics, heat-maps, histograms or other types of data from people movements in real-time and either publishes via open API or visualized on a dashboard.RCE-systems-flow

3. Visage Technologies: Recognize human emotions

This video analytics app for security cameras performs emotion, gender and age estimation on faces found in camera frames. Additionally, face recognition is performed and people detected can choose to save their identity at any registration point.

visage-emotionsLearn more in our Application Store

Have you developed an app that still hasn't skyrocketed?

Reach new customers and new industries in our Application Store with just a few clicks! We support you in building apps for our new camera OS and market them successfully.

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