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The Internet of Things is changing the world. The smarter the devices involved become, the more we can all benefit from the new technology. The key to smart devices is in innovative apps that can handle huge amounts of data and let security cameras do things that were previously thought impossible: Helping retailers sell more successfully, making industrial production processes more efficient and so much more... 

The technology for the IoT revolution is there: high-end devices equipped with powerful processors, ready to be connected in a fast 5G Internet. At Security and Safety Things, we are laying the foundations for groundbreaking software applications for security cameras to emerge and become easily accessible to everyone.

To do this, we bring users, developers, integrators, and VMS providers together on one platform and provide a completely open ecosystem for innovation.

On a regular basis, we will update you with our newest product releases, so you can stay informed and we can support you every step of the way.

Our platform components – enabling AI and analytics running on the edge

Our camera OS for security cameras can be deployed and adopted by all manufacturers that join our ecosystem as a partner. We just released OS 1.2.2, here are the most important changes since release 1.1.1.  

  • Websocket support for web-server 
  • A pre-defined topic-filter to send messages via MessageBroker to a
    video management system (VMS).  
  • Enhanced web-server security and login protection against brute
    force attempts. 
  • Enhanced camera WebUI improving the user experience 
  • API version has been increased from v3 to v4.

For a complete overview of all OS changes, see the OS release notes

Our cloud components accompany the camera OS. Most important changes since our preview at CES 2020 are described per component below:

The Application Store

Features an overview of all available applications and a detail page per application with a review mechanism for customers, application manuals as well as further commercial and technical information provided by the application developer company. The Application Store offers the possibility to trial or purchase an app, offering instant app availability after checkout. Our Application Store is now available for everyone to browse without logging in.

Our Developer Console

Provides application developers the opportunity to distribute their applications via our Application Store. Features include application upload incl. relevant commercial and technical data. We recently activated the Connect Onboarding of our payment service provider for sellers as well as basic application statistics and invoices for trial and full app purchases.

Our Device Management Portal

It gives customers the possibility to commission and manage cameras running our OS in our portal. It provides an overview of applications available for installation and the possibility to install the applications from the portal. We recently added a "Getting Started" guide to support customers in the onboarding process and display further information in the portal such as the OS version of each camera.

Cloud functionality

Features span across our platform, mainly encompassing our documentation portals and help center, company and user registration, a single-sign-on mechanism for all cloud components as well as user and permission management. We recently updated our domains and opened registration for customers in order to get access to our Device Management, Portal, and Application Store.

For a complete overview of all OS changes, see the cloud release notes.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback about our launch! Let your colleagues and partners know about us by sharing this article and don’t forget to check out our market launch. 

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