Welcome to Azena.
Let's redefine video analytics together.

We've changed our name. Here you'll find the most important things you need to know.


Welcome to Azena Application Store! 

We are excited to announce that we've changed our name. Now the Azena Application Store offers close to 100 computer vision applications, growing further than security and safety, which signifies our new tagline “Redefining Video Analytics”.

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What's new: with a new name we introduce new features

In case you are with us for several months or even years, you already know that we are continuously developing our Application Store and adding new features.
Until today, our partner developers could learn about these new features through our release emails only. To make sure they are always up to date, we introduce new video-based briefing in addition to the release notes. Watch the first briefing for September 2021 now! 

This month the Azena Application Store announces 3 new features for app detail pages: 

  • Our developers can now add videos to showcase to potential customers what their product can do.
  • They can also indicate their app’s integration options in a structured way to help customers make a more well-informed purchase.
  • The newly added button “Contact Seller” lets integrators directly reach out to developers to request a special offer or ask any product-related questions. 
These new features will help our partner developers to provide more information about their solutions and make a better-targeted offer.
If you are currently working with us and need to know what to do regarding our name change, find the 3 most important things you need to know below.

3 most important things about our new name you need to know 

  1. Change any references you have to the domain (www.securityandsafetythings.com) to reference Azena or www.azena.com instead.
  2. E-mails sent to old addresses will still find their way to the recipients. (Don’t worry!)
  3. There is no change to our VAT, organization number, or banking details, as we are not changing the legal entity, which remains Security and Safety Things GmbH.

We've changed our name to emphasize our platform's maturity, openness, and reliability. With close to 100 apps beyond security and safety, the Azena Application Store redefines video analytics for end-users and generates new business models and revenue streams for Integrators.

To get more details about what has changed, visit our website! 

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