75+ start-ups that revolutionize Computer Vision in IoT

Computer Vision is a mega trend in IoT technology. We take a look at the top most interesting companies & startups in industry! 

Computer Vision Startups

Our vision at Azena is to make security cameras in IoT smarter. For this purpose, we have developed an open platform and marketplace for camera apps that run directly on the devices. 

This offers suppliers and, above all, start-ups with groundbreaking ideas the opportunity to effectively market their products to various industries. We are already partnering with some of them and would love to meet others. Feel free to contact us.

Infographic of Start-Ups in Computer Vision

This graphic gives you an overview of exciting start-ups, which we think are very promising. If you think we missed one or even your start-up, please let us know!

75+ start-ups Infographic

Let's now take a closer look at the different areas.

1. Face, Gesture & Object Recognition

The recognition of faces and human gestures with computer vision technology is mostly used for security in public spaces and buildings, banks or airports. In sports and entertainment, gesture recognition helps to monitor crowds and detect critical situations in time.

However, the benefits of face & gesture recognition extend beyond security. In retali, for example, smart security cameras help analyze customer movement patterns in stores and improve customer experience and sales. — Learn more in our Retail Whitepaper.

Exciting Start-Ups in Face & Gesture Recognition:

AnyVision, Clarifai, Cloudwalk, Facesoft, FindFace, Kairos, Nirovision, SenseTime, Sentinel, Sighthound, Tribe App, Trueface, Ultinous, VisionLabs, WildFaces, wrnch, Xnor.ai

Azena offers an innovative platform, with first-mover advantage, which gives developers the opportunity to create camera apps and to market them in a marketplace.” - Allan Ponniah, CEO of Facesoft - Read full interview with Allan here

2. Video Analytics & Deep Learning

Data is the fuel that drives applications in the IoT. Videos from IP cameras for security purposes contain more than just video information. Cameras equipped with powerful processors and artificial intelligence can not only deliver but also analyze video and provide valuable insights.

Therefore many new start-ups are working on video analytics and turning devices in the IoT into self-learning units. We have found some exciting applications here.

Exciting Start-Ups in Video Analytics & Deep Learning:

ACK Data, A.I. Tech, Aquifi, C2RO, Camio, Connectome.ai, CloudSight, CVEDIA, Deepomatic, Netra, Neurala, VideoIntellect, Vintra, Viisights, Visillect

It’s awesome to have the possibility to shape the future of the security market together.” - Alessia Saggese, Co-Founder of A.I. Tech - Read full interview with Alessia here

3. Retail, Mobility & Health

Wherever machines need the vision to deliver maximum value to humans, start-ups develop new technologies and applications. Autonomous cars need “eyes” to find their way safely. In retail, Computer Vision helps managing warehouses and shelves. In Health, patients and doctors are supported in diagnosing diseases and monitoring therapies.

Exciting Start-Ups in Retail, Mobility &, Health:

AEye - Autonomous Vehicles Vision, AiCure - Interactive Medical Assistant, Arterys - Medical Imaging Platform, Bossa Nova - Retail Video Analytics, Camcloud - Retail Video Surveillance, EyeSight - Sensing Car & Home, FF Group - License Plate Recognition, Link Analytix - Retail Video Analytics, Mighty AI - Autonomous Vehicle Data Platform, Nauto - Fleet Safety, Orcam - Wearables for the Blind, OpenALPR - License Plate Recognition, Pilot.ai - Retail Video Analytics, RetailNext - Retail Video Analytics, Signatrix - Retail Video Analytics, SkinVision - Skin Cancer Diagnosis, V7 Labs - Retail Video Analytics, Zebra Medical Vision - Medical Image Diagnosis

The marketplace that Azena will establish is right up our ally.” - Espen Thømming, COO of Link Analytix - Read full interview with Espen here

4. Agriculture, Geo Imaging, Surveillance & Sports

Computer Vision is often, but not always, about security. The range of applications is enormous. Smart cameras on drones provide data on changing earth surface or help observe how plants and crops grow in agriculture. This gives industries considered to be very down-to-earth completely new opportunities to make their business more profitable.

Computer Vision is also very exciting in sports, where cameras and video analytics help making players and teams even more successful. As a start-up in the field of Computer Vision in IoT, we will have an eye on these exciting trends.

Exciting Start-Ups in Agriculture, Geo Imaging, Surveillance & Sports:

AI Reverie - Simulation platform/ AI training, Airobotics - Mobile Surveillance Systems, Blue River Technology - Smart Agriculture, Defendry - Active Shooter Defense, Density - Platform for Counting People, Descartes Labs - Geospatial Analytics, Hawk-Eye - Sports Analytics, Hyperverge - Geospatial Analytics, Iceberg Sports Analytics - Sports Analytics, Image Intelligence - Security Focused Vision, Intello Labs - Food Quality Testing, Orbital Insight - Geospatial Analytics, Prospera - Smart Agriculture, Reely - Sports Analytics, Shield AI - Mobile Surveillance Systems, SIMERSE - Synthetic Data, Sportlogiq - Sports Analytics, Terraloupe - Geospatial Analytics, Vi Dimensions - Smart Surveillance

5. Camera performance, VMS/ VSaaS & Platforms, Cyber Security

The technology of cameras in the IoT is getting smarter every day. Powerful processors and fast data connections make it easy for users not only to create videos but also to analyze data directly on devices. For this purpose, we at Azena offer an open platform with a marketplace for apps developed especially for security cameras.

Other start-ups like us are working on improving the performance of cameras and platforms. For example, cameras can deliver videos in even more brilliant quality. Also to make the processing and analysis of video data as easy as possible for users. In addition, data must be protected from manipulation. 

And there are many other important topics to mention...

Exciting Start-Ups in this area:

Arcules, Blink.ai, Camdog, Entropix, IronYun, Lentix, Ocucon, Optigo, Spectral Edge, VDOO, VXG

If you think we missed one (your startup) or have misinterpreted the categories, please let us know!  

More to come...

We will follow the Computer Vision trends and keep you informed about new exciting start-ups and their ideas.

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Start-ups that revolutionize Computer Vision in IoT

75+ start-ups that revolutionize Computer Vision in IoT

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