Vsaas is the lifeline integrators may be searching for remote working

Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) helps integrators make their business operations more efficient and thrill their customers with innovative products.

vsaas lifeline integrators remote work

The key to success is in the cloud, even if many organizations still use DVR/NVR systems for video surveillance. Although these systems are powerful, many of them operate with outdated technology that cannot be easily and flexibly adapted to new requirements. 

Companies that follow sustainable technology strategies know that traditional systems tend to have flaws that can lead to inefficiencies and security breaches. Your task as an integrator is to protect your customers from this.

Cloud-based video surveillance platforms, designed as modular architectures, have proven to be much more adaptable and therefore more powerful and reliable in the long run. This is where Video Surveillance as a Service, or VSaaS comes into play.

VSaaS refers to cloud-based video surveillance, typically including video recording, storage, remote viewing, management alerts, cyber security and more. Here is how cloud based video surveillance makes the life of system integrators easier:

Access to latest technology lets you develop new products and solutions for your customers.

On-demand deployment helps you tailor your products exactly to the needs of your customers. 

Continuous remote support helps you deliver excellent service and real-time maintenance.

Overview of a typical VSaaS ecosystem


Source: Frost & Sullivan at teletimesinternational.com

Technology trends that drive VSaaS

Cloud video is nothing new. However, the technologies that create completely new opportunities for users and integrators have developed rapidly in recent years.

High-bandwidth 5G networks allow ultra-fast data transmission speeds and simplify the control and maintenance of camera systems over long distances.

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) allows processing and analyzing huge amounts of video data directly in IoT cameras without sending them to the cloud.

Modular platform architectures based on camera operating systems like our Security & Safety Things OS allow flexible testing and deployment on demand.

AI apps designed for security cameras enable smart video analytics for a wide range of business applications and industries far beyond security and safety.

High-level data protection by storing and processing sensitive data through edge computing versus vulnerable data transmission into the cloud.

Many software developers worldwide are constantly working on new solutions to get more out of surveillance cameras. At Security & Safety Things, we aim to bring together app developers, system integrators and camera manufacturers on one open platform and marketplace for latest camera AI.

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VSaaS & Platforms, Cyber Security

IoT camera remote management in action

The challenge for security system integrators is to find the right platform providing maximum flexibility and ease of use to deliver state-of-the-art VSaaS. Let's see how Security & Safety Things' open platform can help you create groundbreaking AI video solutions for your customers and maintain them remotely.

Our open platform for security cameras allows integrators to manage their customers' systems and equip them with the latest AI apps in one place.” - Hartmut Schaper, CEO of Security & Safety Things

Configure video systems remotely

Security & Safety Things gives integrators access to a growing number of innovative apps for security cameras from all manufacturers using our camera OS. Each app can be installed and tested on camera systems with just a few clicks. Our Application Store offers the latest technologies and inspiration for innovative solutions. 

Screenshot Application Store

Downloading and installing apps for your cameras is as easy as searching and clicking. Our Application Store works in the same familiar way as other online shops. 

Get instant access to the Device Management Portal.

Detect and fix irregularities in time

Flaws in surveillance hardware or software can lead to irregularities or even failure of entire systems. Managing complex camera systems with hundreds of cameras is a snap when using our Device Management Portal. You get access to all of your cameras and automatically receive notification from the system when intervention is required. 

App Store Integrator - Device Managemente

Save time and effort for route tasks

At our Device Management Portal each camera is represented by a digital twin, that can be configured individually. It is just as easy to replace or add cameras to your systems. A large part of the maintenance and implementation work can be done remotely without having to travel to the customer in each individual case.

What's in for your customers

When it comes to providing your customers with the latest AI technologies, VSaaS is the first choice for your business. The number of apps you can use to make your customers' cameras smarter is growing daily. It's up to you to get more out of your customers' security systems now!

VSaaS offers you a very flexible and sustainable way to position yourself as innovation on behalf of your customers. Smart video analytics solutions are already available for a wide range of applications and industries, waiting to be put together. 

Here are some examples for camera apps that you will find in our Application Store:

Maintain social distancing (in response to current situation)

CVEDIA Talos Social Distancing helps to automatically monitor and ensure compliance with hygiene regulations indoors and outdoors, in daylight and dim lighting, detecting people in groups, busy areas and crowds. 

video analytic app from cvedia-talos-social-distancing

Source: CVEDIA

Smart parking management

DeepParking helps monitoring commercial parking using advanced algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence techniques. In open space car parks this allows you to replace all the parking sensors with only one or two cameras. 

smart parking deep-parking-screenshot

Source: DeepSolutions

Semantive Animal Counter

Counting livestock might be laborious, time-consuming and requires a lot of focus. Semantive Animal Counter assists livestock farmers in this process and automate it.

smart counter semantive-animal-counter

These and many other camera apps for video analytics to detect people and objects you find in our Application Store. Here you get new innovative applications to inspire your customers and expand your business!

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