Turn security cameras into occupancy control systems with a few clicks

Security cameras equipped with smart video analytics help retailers comply with hygiene standards in their stores. The effort to achieve this is quite small. In our Application Store you will find a range of AI apps, ready to be installed with just a few clicks.

crowd detection azena

Customers should keep a distance of 1.50 - 2.00 m from other customers and staff, especially in checkout areas. This also applies in peak times, when your shop is crowded and everyone is in a hurry. Keeping an eye on every customer in your store at all times is nearly impossible unless modern technology helps your staff monitor customer behavior and apply regulations.

Smart security cameras help control occupancy

Putting one employee at each entrance to count people, or limiting the number of shopping carts in supermarkets, sounds more like an improvisation than an effective solution. The best way to control 100% of the traffic in your store is to use AI-enabled computer vision. Smart apps, easily installed in security cameras, turn video surveillance into full occupancy control.

Smart occupancy monitoring and control systems combining IoT Security Cameras and AI video analytics help businesses comply with COVID-19 rules by regulating the number of customers in stores (access control) and ensuring customers comply with social distance rules, especially at checkouts (queue management) - automated and in real time.

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Occupancy control apps in our Application Store

In our Application Store you find a wide range of video analytics apps to enhance your security camera’s capabilities. The apps we feature below are designed specifically to monitor customer behavior in stores and to alert if people do not comply with distance regulations, for example, in waiting lines at checkouts.

Monitoring social distance in queues

Smart security cameras equipped with Video Analytics measure the distance between people and detect in real-time when minimum distance is undercut.

EEN SDVD measures distance between people and gives an audible alert "Mind the distance!" if social distance is violated. When people move away from each other to maintain distance, the warning stops. In this way, retailers have an eye on queues at all times and can react promptly if needed.


Learn more about and get EEN SDVD

Count customers and manage in-store occupancy

Instead of wasting valuable resources counting customers at entrances, smart camera systems can control how many people enter and leave the store. This way, retailers always keep the number of customers in their store below a defined level and avoid their stores becoming too crowded.

RetailFlux Occupancy provides real-time metrics essential for occupancy management of indoor environments such as stores or malls. Metrics include number of people inside, average visiting time and total visitors. Equipped with this app, your camera system automatically calculates customer occupancy and also controls access to your store via a traffic light system, for example.


Learn more about and get RetailFlux Occupancy

Next to this app the developers offer RetailFlux Counter, an easy-to-use door counter, designed for challenging retail environment scenarios such as huge and crowded stores.

Similar to RetailFlux Occupancy, AI Crowd Deep enables security cameras to determine the number of customers in stores and calculate the distance between people, even in presence of a huge amount of persons or with a slight movement of the camera, and to raise an alarm in case there are too many persons in one area.


Learn more about and get AI Crowd Deep

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CVEDIA Talos Social Distancing was trained for both indoor and outdoor scenarios, including daytime and low lighting, and is effective for individually detecting persons in groups, busy areas, and crowds. The App helps retailers gain valuable insights as to the movement of people in stores, the distance between them, popular paths, and adapt new physical distance policies meant to keep people safe and businesses operating.


Learn more about and get CVEDIA Talos Social Distancing

SAIMOS Counting is designed to count both people and objects such as cars and to determine occupancy indoors or outdoors. By using deep learning algorithms, people are detected and tracked for counting when crossing a defined line, for example at the entrance or between different areas in a store, in both directions.


Learn more about and get SAIMOS Counting

This is just a selection of Apps in our Application Store, that help retailers control occupancy in their stores. Browse our Application Store for more Apps designed to protect your customers' health in times of COVID-19.

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Unleashing the power of camera AI

Occupancy control is just one of many capabilities that security cameras can get through AI technology installed directly in the devices. Camera systems that use our open operating system can run a variety of apps and combine different functions just like you know it from your smartphone. 

Get to know more about our smart retail solutions.

The range and possibilities of the Apps in our Application Store cover much more than just security applications. State-of-the-art video analytics allows you to make your business not only more secure but also more successful, for example by optimizing your in-store sales.

Browse our Application Store for more Apps designed to get the most out of your camera system.

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