Trouble with burglary? AI turns cameras into smart intrusion detectors

AI technology turns networked cameras into smart business all-rounders. Here is what you should know before investing in a new camera system.

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Surveilling burglars doing their job doesn't help to prevent damage. Here's how retailers turn their security cameras into smart intrusion detection systems.

Burglaries in a retail store usually occur at night and after regular business hours. In most cases, burglars enter through doors or windows and leave before the police or security services can respond. Less common are “ram raids” and “smash and grabs”, where a car or other objects are rammed into a retail building, taking as many objects as possible and then escaping quickly.

Whether they are professional or opportunistic, most retail burglars choose stores located in remote areas or known to have poor security features, such as low light, poorly locked premises, no window bars or lack of formal security systems. 

Conventional security cameras can only observe and provide video material to support criminal investigation. However, they are simply not smart enough to intervene in real time and initiate quick measures to prevent damage. Alarm systems, often used in combination with cameras, can only make noise, but rarely stop thieves from committing their crime.

Smart security cameras help detect & prevent theft

What if your camera system was smart enough not only to take videos, but also to analyze video in real time, detect suspicious events and automatically report them to the police or security service? From a technical point of view this is not impossible; to achieve this, you only need to empower your cameras with AI video analytics.

At Azena, we strive to unleash the latest AI technologies to make your retail business more secure and successful. Our open IoT platform with Camera OS and Application Store enables you to get more out of your camera system. Using Azena, each of your cameras becomes a true business all-rounder.

Get to know more about our smart retail solutions.

Empower your cameras with AI intrusion detection 

Security cameras that you can flexibly equip and re-equip with video analytics apps open up completely new opportunities for you to make the fight against burglary more effective while saving resources and costs. 

In our Application Store, you find the technology designed specifically to make your connected security cameras smarter. Here are some examples of Apps that you can install on your cameras with just a few clicks (if your cameras are S&ST-enabled). All these Apps can be flexibly combined with each other.

AI Intrusion PRO is a video analytics solution for intrusion detection that allows to detect intrusions in forbidden areas and crossing of virtual lines, for example in stores or retail warehouses. The App allows the human operator to define an unlimited number of areas and virtual lines inside a scene.


Learn more about and get AI Intrusion PRO

SAIMOS Intrusion Detection is an AI-based intrusion detection App that helps protect perimeters and assets against intrusion. Alarms are generated once a person enters a protected zone, both indoors and outdoors, e.g. in front of or in the backyard of stores.


Learn more about and get SAIMOS Intrusion Detection

FLOW Security also transforms your camera into a smart security sensor for indoor and outdoor environments using deep neural networks for people detection and tracking. FLOW Security has a fully visually configurable analytics core for various security tasks such as detecting and analyzing even more complex intrusion incidents with several people involved.


Learn more about and get FLOW Security

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Perimeter Protection adds artificial intelligence to cameras to analyze video content in real-time, extract metadata, send out alerts and provide actionable intelligence to security personnel or other systems. Video analytics covers intrusion detection, camera sabotage, line crossing, object classification (person, vehicle, pet), face detection, motion detection, etc.


Learn more about and get Perimeter Protection

ParkingProtect provides real-time parking protection for customer parking lots or second hand dealerships. The App uses computer vision methods to identify when a parking violation has occurred. Once a violation is detected, a notification with a snapshot of the incident is sent to a security service or police.


Learn more about and get ParkingProtect

This is just the tip of the iceberg...

These are just some of the apps you can find and test in our Application Store. New ones are constantly being added and there are not only apps that help you protect your business against crime. Other apps designed specifically for your security cameras will help you to make your business more efficient and successful.

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Browse our Application Store for more Apps designed to get the most out of your camera system.

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