The 3 most popular uses for AI Computer Vision in healthcare

In our white paper for integrators and users, you'll discover how smart surveillance cameras can improve not only security but also operations in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Here are 3 applications that you can implement today with Azena.

Computer Vision Azena

CCTV cameras, as used in countless healthcare facilities around the world, can do more than just video surveillance. Equipped with powerful processors and fast data transfer in IoT, modern devices are able to perform much more complex tasks in daily healthcare operations. The underlying principle you know from your smartphone: You simply download and install new functions from app stores to your device with just a few clicks.


“Smart video based solutions can improve the efficiency and the quality of care in acute, post acute and long term care facilities through patient centric innovation.”- Hartmut Schaper, CEO of Azena

Bringing the latest video analytics technologies to your security cameras as easy and fast as possible. This is the mission of Azena. Our OS & Application Store for security cameras gives you access to a growing community of developers constantly working on new groundbreaking solutions for healthcare facilities and operations.

How to use AI Computer Vision to improve security & operations in healthcare facilities

There are countless applications for security cameras equipped with AI video analytics to help improve security and operations in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Here, we present only 3 of them in brief.

Use smart technology to detect fallen & helpless persons

The 2006 International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG) require JCI-accredited hospitals to reduce the risk of patient harm from falls. Every healthcare facility dedicated to the well-being of patients should care and take appropriate measures. Smart surveillance cameras can help detect spills when they occur and take appropriate action in time.

Example: SEMANTIVE fall detection enables IoT cameras to monitor and analyze the behavior of patients, visitors and staff in real-time. Equipped with AI video analytics, cameras automatically detect whether a person stands upright, lies on the floor or is sitting, and alerts staff in case of unusual behavior. This makes every walk from bed to toilet much safer, especially for the elderly and disabled patients. 

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COVID-19: Ensure staff & visitors comply with hygiene regulations

Social distancing and wearing masks are key to preventing, or at least slowing down, the transmission of COVID-19 from person to person. Security cameras equipped with AI video analytics can help ensure that people comply with hygiene regulations at any time.

Example: Geutebrück’s Face Mask Detector for security cameras uses computer vision in health to recognize whether persons walking towards the camera wear a protective mask or a mouth-nose-protection. If a person without a mask is detected an action can be triggered, e.g. a prompt can be given via digital displays.

Source: Geutebrück - Detailed information & download in our Application Store

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Use video analytics applications to protect patients’ privacy

Many countries have strict legal requirements for video surveillance in healthcare facilities. In the U.S., for example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 protects the privacy and security of patient protected health information (PHI) transmitted and maintained in any form or medium. Smart video analytics can help to protect sensitive patient data e.g. on computer screens captured by cameras. 

Example: Dynamic Privacy Mask by TNG Technology protects sensitive information and privacy by hiding a configurable set of objects such as laptops, keyboards and even people in video data. This allows enhanced monitoring of e.g. elderly and dementia patients in their rooms without violating their privacy.

Source: TNG Technology - Detailed information & download in our Application Store

These are just 3 of the many applications for AI video technology in healthcare facilities you find in our Application Store. Just download our latest white paper for more information or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

The future of IoT in healthcare

What is technically possible and helps to manage healthcare security and operations more easily and efficiently will soon become established. Much of what an iot video camera with smart video analytics can do is already used to make public buildings such as airports, stations and shopping malls safer and smarter. It's only a matter of time till this is also popular in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The devices and software applications required are already out there. We at Azena want to ensure that the implementation of new innovative solutions in your facilities or those of your customers is as simple, cost-effective and flexible as possible.

Browse our Application Store for the latest camera apps designed for improving security and operations in your store!

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