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How system integrators can turn video cameras into smart IoT sensors with just a few clicks - and wow their customers

Azena offers a super fast and easy way to empower surveillance cameras with AI. Here's a quick guide for system integrators looking for new business opportunities.

Smart cameras

The idea behind Azena is simple: equip your cameras with our OS and add the AI video analytics features from our Application Store to let the devices do completely new tasks that make your customers' business not only safer but also more efficient and profitable by monitoring and streamlining operations, improving customer experience and more. 

Empowering IoT cameras, here are some great examples:

Find more examples of how surveillance cameras can become true all-rounders in our blog.

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Integrators gain access to a growing number of innovative apps for security cameras from all manufacturers. Each app can be installed and tested on camera systems with just a few clicks. Our Application Store offers the latest technologies and inspiration for innovative solutions.

To benefit from Azena, you only need two things:

  1. Networked cameras running our OS. AndroVideo, Bosch, BST Security, Hanwha, Topview, and Vivotek, are already producing devices that use our operating system. 
  2. Sign up to our Application Store. With just a few clicks you can search, install and test new groundbreaking apps on your cameras.

Adding new features is as easy as installing apps on your smartphone, so testing new business models is easier and less risky than ever before! Here’s how to start now:


1. Register on our Portal and acquire a Azena enabled camera

Signing up is easy: visit our Application Store and click "Sign up". Then choose what your company wants to do, purchase apps and manage cameras, develop and sell apps or both. Depending on which option you choose, the store will be set up for you.

2. Browse our Application Store and install the apps your like

Click on "Application Store" in the navigation bar at the top of our website to get there. When entering the store, you get an overview of the apps available. Here you can easily search apps by use cases, keywords, app name and developer. Clicking on an app in the overview leads you to more detailed information, features, use cases, user ratings, developer details, pricing, and more.

Azena App Store Screenshot

3. Install apps on your Azena enabled camera on the Device Management Portal

Adding new features is as easy as installing apps on your smartphone, so testing new business models is easier and less risky than ever before. Here’s how you manage your devices.

4. Configure your purchased apps to get all necessary data

A key benefit of AI Analytics is that it empowers surveillance cameras to deliver valuable analytics and insight, rather than just raw video data. A camera equipped with mask-wearing detection during the pandemic not only provides video of people with and without masks, but detects and, if properly configured, automatically reports hygiene violations to another system. This may require some configuration depending on the objectives and app functionality.

With Azena, you can equip individual cameras as well as groups of cameras with AI Video Analytics. There are hardly any limits to the combination of AI capabilities. Each of your cameras becomes 100% composable. This is what distinguishes Azena from other out-of-the-box solutions.

State-of-the-art cyber-security & data privacy

Our open platform for IoT cameras offers data privacy by design. You decide what data is transferred to the cloud and which is processed directly on the edge cameras. This makes it easy to meet GDPR requirements at any time. And, when new requirements come along, you simply upgrade your system as needed.

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