How to turn subway security cameras into smart IoT sensors using AI video analytics 

The journey of video technology in subway trains and stations continues towards AI and IoT. Here's how system integrators can benefit from this and win more customers. 

Subway security

Video technology, which has provided security and safety in urban transportation for decades, is evolving into computer vision. CCTV cameras, available in almost every subway station and train worldwide, will perform completely new tasks with the help of AI video analytics. 

In this article, we give video system integrators and users some ideas on how to get more out of subway cameras using AI video analytics from the Azena Application Store. This offers you a wide range of AI apps, designed to make surveillance smarter.

Improve safety and security

Smart cameras become business all-rounders in smart subway stations and trains, taking passenger experience and operations to the next level. Here is a small selection of areas where smart video systems can help improve safety and security in subways.

Prevent terrorism

Public transportation is considered a particularly vulnerable target for terrorists. Surveillance cameras in subway stations and trains already help fight terrorist activities and, equipped with AI video analytics, even will allow attacks to be detected before they happen.

In complex, cluttered, and crowded situations, smart cameras can efficiently support humans in reliably detecting and reporting anomalies such as suspicious human behavior, e.g. loitering, or suspicious objects, such as backpacks, suitcases, or shopping bags being left. 

Example: Detect unattended luggage using Azena-powered video cameras


Source: TNG Technology Consulting - Learn more about the Luggage Sight app

Crime prevention and investigation 

Video footage traditionally helps security officials investigate criminal incidents that harm people or property. By analyzing the recorded footage, it is possible to identify suspects and check what steps need to be taken to prevent future offenses.

Smart cameras equipped with AI video analytics can do even more than just provide video footage retroactively. Using custom-trained machine learning models, these devices are able to detect suspicious behavior in real-time and alert security staff.

Example: Detect violence using Azena-powered video cameras

Source: Lush Technology - Learn more about the ViolenceDetector app

Protect passengers

Passengers must always be confident of the safety and security in stations and on trains. That's why security cameras are already an important part of security ecosystems in public transport, e.g. when it comes to keeping a constant eye on what is happening on trains.

As shown above, smart video cameras can detect violent behavior in real-time and, connected to other IoT systems, sound the alarm. Furthermore, they can also respond to accidents by detecting passengers who, for example, have fallen to the ground as a result of sudden braking.

Learn more about AI camera apps for fall detection in the Azena Application Store.

Prevent graffiti and vandalism

Graffiti and other vandalism on trains and in stations cause significant costs for subway operators, both for prevention and restoration. Human surveillance using conventional video technology is hardly capable of keeping a reliable eye on all sites 24/7.

Again, cameras equipped with AI apps for suspicious behavior detection can support security staff in preventing vandalism effectively. Equipped with the latest AI video analytics features, cameras can reliably distinguish suspicious from regular behavior, such as service work, and take action when necessary.

Example: Detect suspicious behavior using Azena-powered video cameras

Source: promiseQ - Learn more about the False Alarm Filter Agent app

Monitor dangerous areas

Platforms that are crowded with passengers during rush hours are a huge challenge for safety managers in subway stations. The manpower required to keep a reliable eye on all critical areas at all times and to be able to react quickly to critical events is extremely high.

AI cameras installed on all platforms to monitor compliance with restricted areas, for example, can reduce staffing requirements and significantly increase safety. Connected to other IoT systems, smart cameras can detect incidents and trigger processes much faster than humans.

Learn more about AI camera apps for perimeter protection in the Azena Application Store.

Improve subway operations

Beyond safety and security, video cameras equipped with AI video analytics for behavior and object recognition can help subway operators make their operations more reliable and efficient. Here, too, the technological possibilities are almost unlimited. 

Where AI video analytics can be used, for example, to continuously analyze and monitor occupancy on platforms or in vehicles, smart camera systems powered by Azena can deliver significant added value.

Example: Monitor seat occupancy in trains using Azena-powered video cameras


Source:  Noema Technologies - Learn more about the Seat Occupancy Monitoring app

More information and inspiration on AI video technology in public transport:

How to turn video cameras into smart IoT sensors with just a few clicks - and wow your customers

Azena offers a fast and easy way to empower security cameras with AI video analytics. 

Just choose a camera powered with the Azena OS and add the AI apps from our Application Store to let the camera do completely new tasks that make your customers' business not only safer but also more efficient and profitable by monitoring and streamlining operations, improving subway passenger experience and more. 

Here's how you start taking your clients' video technology to the next level. 

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