Start-ups shaping Face, Gesture & Object Recognition for smart cameras

The recognition of faces and human gestures with computer vision technology is mostly used for security in public spaces and buildings, banks or airports. In sports and entertainment, gesture recognition helps to monitor crowds and detect critical situations in time.


However, the benefits of face & gesture recognition extend beyond security. In retail, for example, smart security cameras help analyze customer movement patterns in stores and improve customer experience and sales. — Learn more in our Retail Whitepaper.

Facial recognition is the process of identifying or verifying the identity of a person using their face. It captures, analyzes and compares patterns based on the person's facial details. 

Gesture recognition is very similar to face recognition, but, as the name suggests, faces are not analyzed but, instead human motions. For example, to detect aggressive behavior in a crowd of people.

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The global market for Face & Gesture Recognition is growing

According to a research report by MarketsandMarkets, the global market is expected to grow from USD 3.2 billion in 2019 to USD 7.0 billion by 2024, at a Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.6%. 

The major forces driving this market are growth in surveillance, increase in government deployment, and increase in the use of applications in numerous industry sectors.

advanced-facial-recognition-market7(Source: marketsandmarkets.com)

Gesture recognition is growing even more because there is a lot of potential in the field of controlling devices in IoT. The global market size is likely to reach USD 30.6 billion by 2025. It is poised to post a CAGR of 22.2% from 2018 to 2025.

Face and Gesture Recognition (1)

Start-Ups that Change the Game in Face & Gesture Recognition

As demand and technical possibilities grow, new applications and products emerge that help users get the most out of the face and gesture recognition with security cameras. Let's take a look at some exciting startups and their ideas.

1. AnyVision

AnyVision is a leading provider of self-learning, artificial intelligence-based person and objects recognition software for both security and commercial applications. These include the detection of partially concealed persons or objects as well as identification from different viewing angles and in difficult lighting conditions.

For example, the software helps to find and identify missing or wanted people or objects, even in large crowds. Hotels, casinos, airports, sports facilities or shops can use the software to identify VIP customers, ensure their easy access and link the visitor with special services.

Over 100.000 cameras are already empowered by AnyVision AI. That's fantastic!

Headquarter: Holon, Israel

(Sources: anyvision, Bosch)

2. Clarifai

Founded in 2013, Clarifai has been a market leader since winning the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition. 

Clarifai’s powerful image and video recognition solutions are built on the most advanced machine learning platform, and made easily accessible via API, device SDK, and on-premise, empowering businesses all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.

Headquarter: New York, USA

(Source: clarifai)

3. CloudWalk

CloudWalk is an advanced face recognition firm whose AI technology is widely applied in the financial, public security, and aviation sectors. CloudWalk Technology’s products include facial recognition terminals, facial scanning door entry and infrared binoculars scanning machines.

The Company is titled a Top 4 CV Unicorns in China with the other three companies, SenseTime, Megvii, and Yitu. More than 400 banks deployed its facial recognition solution for their financial services. 

(Sources: crunchbase, equalocean)

4. Facesoft

The technology of the company is based on the machine learning algorithms that are able to generate millions of facial identities and proprietary Deep Convolutional Neural Networks that are able to harness all this available information. 

Headquarter: London, Great Britain

(Source: facesoft)

Security and Safety Things offers an innovative platform, with first-mover advantage, which gives developers the opportunity to create camera apps and to market them in a marketplace.” - Allan Ponniah, CEO of Facesoft - Read full interview with Allan here

5. FindFace

With FindFace’s face recognition service, any face captured on a photo or a video is actionable evidence, with the person easily identified among millions (or even billions) of loaded photos.

“Their best facial recognition software outperforms Google and China’s programs, spotting a single face within a crowd of 1 million within a fraction of a second - Buzzfeed reported.

Headquarter: Moscow, Russia

(Source: findface)

6. Kairos

The team from Kairos believes everyone on the planet has the right to use their natural identity. That’s why they’re working to create better identity tools for businesses powered by state-of-the-art face recognition.

Kairos offers a leading AI engine for controlling data, security, and privacy that can be run in the cloud or on-premise. It enables developers and businesses to easily build face recognition into their software products.

Headquarter: Miami, USA

(Source: kairos)

7. Nirovision

Nirovision’s core product processes video to alert users in real-time when relevant activity occurs. These activities consist of a person being detected, a face being recognized, or a custom question like “Is the pool table occupied?” being answered.

No matter what the activity is, though, it always involves a video feed. As business today is conducted on the go and not behind a desk in a security control room, Nirovision has built a mobile-first experience for video analytics.

Headquarter: Sydney, Australia

8. SenseTime

SenseTime is a Chinese company focused on developing innovative AI technologies that positively contribute to economies, society and humanity. It develops face identification software installed on more than 100 million Chinese smartphones.

SenseTime developed several AI technologies including face, image, object and text recognition; medical image and video analysis; remote sensing; and autonomous driving systems. They also created a deep learning platform and are considered to be the largest algorithm provider in China.

(Sources: sensetime, t3n, forbes)

9. Sentinel

Sentinel is a video analytics company using the very latest technology to provide accurate and real-time object detection (vehicles, animals, humans) and facial recognition solutions which work with commodity cameras. Clients can leverage their existing installation or add non-purpose specific cameras to leverage our cloud or on-premises solutions.

(Source: Sentinel)

10. Sighthound

Sighthound combines machine vision, big data, analytics, and industry-upending intelligence to help see obviously valuable information in previously unobvious data.

Their face detector currently performs better than any other publicly available face detection algorithm, including commercial competitors and an open-source alternative. Benchmarked using the BAO and Annotated Faces in the Wild(AFW), Sighthounds face detector has both the lowest number of false detections and the highest number of correct detections.

(Source: Sighthound)

Headquarter: Winter Park, USA

11. Tribe App

German start-up Tribe App brings conversational A.I. to life and gives it a face and human emotions. Their animated realistic 3D avatars spark the human element in any application, from A.I. powered customer support bots over virtual store assistants to the next generation of in-game characters.

Headquarter: Berlin, Germany

(Source: Tribe App)

12. Trueface

Trueface is a face recognition company that applies advanced computer vision technology to camera footage and images to enable businesses to make immediate decisions based on identified patterns.

According to Trueface local SDKs & self-hosted APIs are deployable in 5 min, that sounds irresistibly simple!

Headquarter: Santa Monica, USA

(Source: Trueface)

13. Ultinous

Ultinous is an AI-based technology company using deep learning to provide intelligent video analytics. The video analytics technology integrated into their solutions is used with a variety of settings and in different industries, such as retail and security. 

Its main purpose is to gather unique, real-time insights about people as they interact with your company, brand or products, making it easier than ever to transform the way your business interacts with people.

Headquarter: Budapest, Hungary 

(Source: Ultinous)

14. VisionLabs

The dutch company specialize in developing products and solutions in the areas of face recognition, object recognition, augmented reality and virtual reality.

VisionLabs face recognition technology is officially one of the world’s three best technologies, according to LFW and NIST benchmarks. Currently, over 25 of the Top 100 largest banks of CIS countries and Russia are using VisionLabs products.

Headquarter: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

(Source: VisionLabs)

15. WildFaces

WildFaces’ patented “On-the-Move” Facial Analytics system can work on moving cameras on drones, wearables and robots. It can recognize and track faces in real-time in uncontrolled crowds at far distances.

Self-developed proprietary core algorithms can be easily customized to meet specific use cases across 30+ industries, making it ready to deploy that can be useful to smart cities, smart banking, smart campuses, smart manufacturing, smart buildings, retail malls/e-stores, construction sites, and more.

Headquarter: Hong Kong

16. wrnch

The wrnchAI engine is a real-time AI software platform to digitize human motion and behavior from standard video using deep learning and human pose estimation. It analyzes regular 2D RGB video and returns 3D motion data in real-time and can process multiple 2D camera feeds and recognize human motion and behaviors. 

wrnchAI enables developers to create applications in a wide range of industries, such as entertainment, robotics, sports analytics, and more.

Headquarter: Montreal, Kanada

(Source: wrnch)

17. Xnor.ai

Xnor.ai brings highly efficient, super-powerful AI to edge devices such as cameras, cars, drones, wearables and IoT devices. Its platform allows developers to run complex deep learning algorithms locally, on a wide range of devices. 

Xnor.ai’s highly-scalable approach ensures complete privacy of data, eliminates the need for connectivity, and significantly reduces memory load, and power demands, all delivered at the lowest cost, without compromising accuracy or performance.

Headquarter: Seattle, USA

(Source: Xnor.ai)

18. Camdog

Camdog offers a cloud-based video surveillance solution for the detection of people, faces and objects for a variety of security applications and industries. With just a few clicks, existing camera systems are easily integrated to make surveillance smarter, for example in retail, construction sites, small businesses and other areas.

Headquarter: Claymont, Delaware, USA

(Source: Camdog)

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