Start-Ups that Change the Game in Video Analytics & Deep Learning

Data is the fuel that drives applications in the IoT. Videos from IP cameras for security purposes contain more than just video information. 


Cameras equipped with powerful processors and artificial intelligence can not only deliver but also analyze video and provide valuable insights.

On ACK Data website it shows some outstanding reasons why video analytics with security cameras is attractive for companies and especially for app developers.

According to PWC, the value of commercialized data will grow to over $300 billion by the end of 2022

According to LDV Capital (“A Paradigm Shift in Visual Data Capture”)

44 billion cameras in the world by 2022, 8% of those will be security cameras (over 3 billion cameras)

The “Internet of Eyes” will be larger than the “Internet of Things”

Where there is growth in cameras, there will be tremendous opportunity in the capture, analysis, and interpretation of visual data.

Massive camera growth will create infinite new business opportunities that cannot be fathomed today.

Therefore many new start-ups are working on video analytics and turning devices in the IoT into self-learning units. We have found some exciting applications here.

Let's take a look at some exciting startups and their ideas.

Start-Ups that will Revolutionize Video Analytics & Deep Learning

Video Analytics & Deep Learning (1)

1. ACK Data

Data collection through video surveillance is an emerging source of revenue which is missed each and every year because its potential and value are simply unrecognized. By evaluating and analyzing content with ACK’s solution “Recall“, companies can generate revenue, which clearly affects the bottom line.

Rather than destroy collected data after 30 days, businesses should learn to evaluate that information and determine how it can be a revenue generator.

Headquarter: USA

2. A.I. Tech

A.I. Tech designs and develops software solutions that make traditional surveillance cameras smart.

With over 25 years of experience in research in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision, software and hardware engineering is A.I. Tech. Their high quality and high-performance software products for video analysis are absolutely innovative and fresh.

Headquarter: Penta, Italy

3. Aquifi

Aquifi combines 3D vision and deep learning for automating highly repetitive, high throughput enterprise processes, such as identifying an object or determining dimensions in real-time using Aquifi’s IoT or handheld 3D vision scanner and deep neural networks.

Headquarter: Palo Alto, USA

4. C2RO

C2RO uses proprietary real-time cloud AI to provide data-driven businesses with global analysis and recognition tools to transform their physical spaces into highly personalized and interactive smart environments, connecting smart devices such as tablets, kiosks, phones, cameras, and service robots.

Headquarter: Montreal, Canada 

5. Camio

Camio is the search engine behind cost-effective video surveillance. It connects any camera to state-of-the-art Machine Learning to power modern video monitoring solutions with the efficiency and flexibility advantages of hybrid edge/cloud SaaS.

Camio also makes it simple to power third party solutions with advanced video monitoring. Its cloud API, freely licensed firmware, open support for all cameras, easy IFTTT recipes, and white-labeled services deliver state-of-the-art video capabilities to partners.

Headquarter: San Mateo, USA

6. Connectome.ai

Connectome.ai is a Russian company engaged in development, implementation and support of solutions in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, object recognition, and video analytics. 

Direktiva.ai completes the video surveillance system and ACMS with facial and movement recognition technology. The system allows authenticating employees as well as to monitor and report on compliance with prescribed staffing regulation.

Headquarter: Moscow, Russia

7. CloudSight

CloudSight is a leading company in image captioning and understanding, providing two consumer apps: CamFind is a mobile visual search engine, which allows users to "Search the Physical World" and find information about anything just by taking a picture from your mobile device.

TapTapSee is an app for the blind and visually impaired that utilizes the mobile device's camera and VoiceOver to photograph objects and identify them out loud for the user.

Developers can utilize the technology through CloudSight API.

Headquarter: Los Angeles, USA

8. Deepomatic

Deepomatic helps companies across the world by developing a software they use to design, deploy and operate computer vision systems for a variety of applications:

Detecting cancer cells, spotting defects on production lines, helping drones understand the world around them, making highways intelligent, to name but a few…

Headquarter: Paris, France

9. Netra

The vast majority of video content is nuanced. Netra scans video imagery and text metadata to ensure brand safety and contextual awareness. Netra’s patented AI technology analyzes videos accurately, and at scale.

Netra's Artificial Intelligence platform analyzes videos - visually and textually - to detect unsafe content (e.g. Violence, Nudity, Hate & Drugs) and also detect the appropriate context for the video.

Headquarter: Boston, USA

10. Neurala

In order to make vision AI more accessible, Neurala provides a SaaS platform that reduces the time, cost and skills required to build and maintain production-quality custom vision AI solutions.

The “NeuralaBrain” uses a proprietary set of algorithms to emulate the way biological brains see the world and continuously learn from it. Furthermore, it pushes AI beyond on-device inference and allows it to learn on the device itself. This significantly reduces data needed, training time and enables real-time learning on-device.

Headquarter: Boston, USA

11. VideoIntellect

VideoIntellect develops computer vision analytics platform for security.

The technology for creating its video analysis system is based on methods for analyzing data from nuclear physics. Scientific algorithms can be used for all video surveillance applications.

Headquarter: Moscow, Russia

12. Vintra

Vintra builds solutions that leverage deep learning across video and other data sources, to optimize and deliver actionable intelligence for enterprises and public sector organizations around security, safety and productivity.

“FulcrumAI Real-Time” delivers actionable intelligence from any camera source and works with a customer's existing camera network. Whereas legacy systems only work on fixed and PTZ cameras in stable lighting environments, Vintra also works on fixed, PTZ, and mobile surveillance video feeds from in-car, dash, body, and drone-based cameras.

Headquarter: San Jose, USA

13. Viisights

Viisights is a leading provider of behavioral understanding systems for real-time video intelligence that leverages unique artificial intelligence technology for safe and smart cities, smart enterprises, critical infrastructures, transportation hubs, and shared mobility initiatives.

The company’s founders recognized the growing global need for intelligence, promoting safer physical and virtual public areas – and realized that smart video understanding technology can become a true game-changer.

Headquarter: Tel-Aviv, Israel

14. Visillect

Visillect is a Russian company which specializes in industrial recognition systems development using state of the art machine vision technologies.

Current products and projects include automatic vehicle classification by appearance, cross-platform license plate recognition module for video streams and single images, and determining the position and motion parameters of mobile vehicles and moving robotic parts. 

Headquarter: Moscow, Russia

That's it for now...

75+ start-ups that revolutionize Computer Vision in IoT (4)

If you think we missed one or even your start-up, please let us know!

We will follow the Computer Vision trends and keep you informed about new exciting start-ups and their ideas.

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