Start-Ups that will Revolutionise Agriculture, Geo Imaging & Sports

The range of computer vision applications is enormous. Smart cameras on drones provide data on changing earth surfaces or help observe how plants and crops grow in agriculture. This gives industries considered to be very down-to-earth with completely new opportunities to make their business more profitable.


Computer Vision also adds value in sports, where cameras and video analytics help making players and teams even more successful. In the area of surveillance in security and safety Computer Vision becomes more important, as public safety will remain the top priority in the world.

As a start-up in the field of Computer Vision in IoT, we will have an eye on these exciting trends and keep you updated. Let's take a look at some exciting startups and their ideas.

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1. Start-Ups that make agriculture smart

1. Blue River Technology

Blue River Technology designs and builds advanced farm machines for the agricultural industry that utilize computer vision and machine learning to enable farmers to understand and manage every plant. These machines help farmers to improve profitability, protects the environment by reducing pesticide use, and captures valuable plant-by-plant data. 

Blue River is a pioneer in the agricultural robotics space and has developed the See & Spray precision sprayer, which applies pesticide only where needed, and can reduce pesticide use 90%. 

Headquarter: Sunnyvale, USA

2. Intello Labs

Intello Labs has developed an app & equipment to test, grade and analyze the visual quality parameters of agri commodities. They currently offer services for testing and grading of wheat, corn, tomato, soybean, potato and onions.

Headquarter: Gurugram, India

3. Prospera

Prospera is an agriculture technology data company that develops intelligent solutions for farmers to grow crops more efficiently. 

The company develops both hardware and software solutions that collect and analyze multi-sensor data with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

Headquarter: Tel Aviv, Israel

2. Start-Ups that revolutionise Geo Imaging

1. AI.Reverie

AI.Reverie is a simulation platform that trains AI to understand the world. 

They offer a suite of synthetic data and vision APIs to help businesses across different industries train their machine learning algorithms and improve AI applications, that make cities smarter, farms more sustainable and homes safer.

Headquarter: New York, USA

2. Descartes Labs

Data will be the great enabler of new technologies, new products, and new businesses of our generation. Descartes Labs is building a data-refinery on a cloud-based supercomputer for the application of machine intelligence to massive data sets.

Headquarter: North Guadalupe, USA

3. Hyperverge

HyperVerge has developed technology for analysis of images and videos by identification of people, places, objects, backgrounds and events. Self-learning algorithms produce results that are real-time and highly accurate to ensure you find the data they are looking for within just a few seconds. 

Applications include analysis of consumer-generated images/videos, emerging data sets such as drones data, satellite imagery, security and other industrial data.

Headquarter: Palo Alto, USA

4. Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight turns millions of images into a big-picture understanding of Earth. Not only does this create unprecedented transparency, but it also empowers business and policy decision makers with new insights and unbiased knowledge of socio-economic trends.

Headquarter: Palo Alto, USA

5. Terraloupe

Terraloupe’s core competence is the automatic recognition of objects in aerial images and the full digitalisation of the environment via deep learning. AI algorithms allow for a more precise and more economic planning in the fields of infrastructure, solar energy, autonomous driving, insurance and finance.

Headquarter: Munich, Germany

3. Start-Ups that revolutionise Surveillance

1. Airobotics

Airobotics has developed a pilotless drone solution, the first of its kind in the global market. It provides an end-to-end, fully automatic solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights. 

The industrial grade platform is available on-site and on-demand, enabling industrial facilities such as mining, seaports and oil & gas to access aerial data in a faster, safer, more efficient way. 

Headquarter: Scottsdale, USA

2. Defendry

Defendry’s AI system monitors all security cameras 24/7 to automatically detect safety and liability threats. If a threat is detected, entry doors can immediately be locked to prevent culprit entry. Detected threats are immediately sent to Defendry’s human monitoring center for review. If a threat is verified, Defendry immediately triggers your customized active responses.

Headquarter: Scottsdale, USA

3. Density

Density is an occupancy analytics platform for connected spaces. Using proprietary depth sensors and deep learning algorithms, the platform accurately and anonymously counts people in real time. Organizations use Density to improve efficiency and enhance the occupant experience in their buildings, workplaces and real estate. 

Unlike a camera, Density's platform doesn't capture personally identifiable information and is purpose-built for accurately measuring how people use physical space.  

Headquarter: San Francisco, USA

4. Shield AI

Shield AI’s AI framework, Hivemind, enables machines to learn from their real and synthetic experiences. From this learning, unmanned systems like drones become capable of executing a wide variety of missions at better-than-human performance with minimal human input.

“Nova” is an AI-powered aerial robot capable of both outdoor and autonomous indoor ISR operations. It is fully autonomous; no pilot and no remote operator are required for it to complete its mission. 

Headquarter: San Diego, USA


SIMERSE uses synthetic training data to deliver robust software solutions agriculture, autonomous cars, defence, drone delivery, infrastructure inspection, logistics, manufacturing, retail, robotic surgery and satellites.

Headquarter: University of Southern California

6. Vi Dimensions

Vi Dimensions’ machine analytics helps identify patterns and highlight anomalies. The AI solution ARVAS is able to learn normal activities pattern and trigger off an alert if any security incident such as robbery, kidnapping, vehicle travelling in the wrong direction, man falls onto train track, occurs, where this clearly deviates away from the normal activities.

Headquarter: Singapore

4. Start-Ups making sports smarter

1. Hawk-Eye

Hawk-Eye’s vision-processing, video replay and graphical technologies underpin a number of products that help make sport fairer, safer, more engaging and better informed. 

“SMARTReplay” provides TV match officials, coaches and medical teams with every angle of a match.

Headquarter: Basingstoke, UK

2. Iceberg Sports Analytics

Iceberg provides sporting analytics and data collection through modern computer vision algorithms. This data is used to make better management decisions, uncover players’ strengths and weaknesses, improve the training process, and adjust strategy for game preparation. 

Headquarter: Toronto, Canada

3. Reely

REELY uses computer vision and deep learning to automatically identify, clip, and distribute sports highlights. Their SaaS platform functions on a wide variety of field and gymnasium sports at every level, from little league to the major leagues.

REELY helps sports organizations save time and money while producing content that their fans will love.

Headquarter: Santa Monica, USA

4. Sportlogiq

Sportlogiq’s analytics software tracks the location and actions of every player on the ice, field, or court using standard game footage. Machine intelligence techniques extract meaningful insights from the data collected, allowing teams and fans to understand and experience the game in ways previously unimaginable.

Headquarter: Montreal, Canada

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75+ start-ups that revolutionize Computer Vision in IoT

If you think we missed one or even your start-up, please let us know!

We will follow the Computer Vision trends and keep you informed about new exciting start-ups and their ideas.

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Start-ups that revolutionize Computer Vision in IoT

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