Here's the next generation of smart traffic flow management using AI-powered video cameras

Get a comprehensive overview of trends and specific applications for security camera systems in Azena's guide for security camera integrators and users.

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With the growing traffic in many regions around the world, roads become more dangerous and flow more sticky, especially in urban areas. Air traffic partly shifted to the road, may cause additional density and occupancy, worsening the situation. Not only driving but also parking in major cities becomes increasingly challenging for everyone.

Smart technologies connected in the Internet of Things (IoT) will take intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to the next level. AI and Big Data empower sensors that perform simple tasks like counting cars and measuring speed to take on more complex roles in traffic management. Collecting and managing data in real time helps Traffic Management Centers (TMC) quickly detect critical traffic situations, provide oversight 24/7 and keep traffic moving and roads clear.

Traffic Flow Map

Camera view of an intersection using AI video analytics for the detection of events and objects. - Source: DataFromSky

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In Azena's new whitepaper, security camera integrators and users learn how AI-powered video technology can improve traffic safety and efficiency through data-driven planning and control. The technology required to take traffic management to the next level is here and can already be used effectively in many traffic areas today. 

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Helping traffic managers achieve goals and save lives

Today’s traffic sensors specialize in detecting “simple” traffic incidents such as cars running red lights or exceeding speed limits. The future of surveillance in highway traffic driving is behind a new generation of AI-powered video technology, executed right in the cameras using edge computing. Here are some example applications:

Traffic Infographic

Source: Azena Whitepaper

Camera systems in which each individual camera can be equipped like a smartphone with different apps for different applications open up completely new opportunities for automating traffic monitoring and making it more intelligent. At Azena, we aim to unleash Artificial Intelligence and Big Data’s power to make traffic safer and more enjoyable for all.

The potential of IoT surveillance cameras in traffic management

AI-enabled surveillance cameras in IoT are about to take traffic management to the next level. Smart video analytics helps operators and authorities gain deeper insights into traffic to improve real-time control and planning for safer and more efficient traffic.

  • Making traffic safer: The most vulnerable road users need all the extra protection traffic planners and operators can provide. Cutting-edge video technology equipped with AI can help analyze large amounts of road traffic video data for optimizing street and intersection layouts, as well as detecting and avoiding hazards in real-time.
  • Improve traffic flow: An essential goal of traffic management is to avoid congestion and slow-moving traffic and to increase efficiency. This is achieved through intelligent planning and continuous adjustment of the layout of roads and intersections and through management systems designed to detect and respond to traffic events and issues in real-time.


Camera view from above using an application for observing and analyzing traffic flow at an intersection. - Source: GoodVision

  • Improve traffic operations: Parking in major cities is a daily struggle for many, such as finding affordable parking spots near their workplaces or near shopping locations. Parking management applications designed for surveillance cameras help monitor, enforce, and optimize parking in parking lots and off-street parking.

CTA for Traffic WP

What’s in for security camera integrators?

The global traffic management market size is expected to grow from USD 30.6 billion in 2019 to USD 57.9 billion by 2024. - The Research Insights

What is technically possible and helps manage traffic security and operations more quickly and efficiently will soon become established. Much of what smart video analytics can do is already used to make public buildings such as airports, stations, and shopping malls safer and smarter. It’s only a matter of time till this is also popular in cities and on highways.

Overview of key emerging technologies

Infographic IoT

Source: EU TRAN Committee

This exciting progression offers security camera integrators the great opportunity to help Traffic Management Centers select and integrate breakthrough innovations. As technologies and systems evolve at breakneck speed, the challenge is to choose strategic approaches that allow flexible adaptation to new requirements and thus sustainable growth. Azena's open platform for IoT cameras provides a solid foundation for this.

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Smart traffic flow management using AI-powered video cameras

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