How smart surveillance brings logistics and warehousing to a new level

Global logistics is becoming faster and more complex every day. Logistics security surveillance can help humans monitor security and operations along the supply chain in real-time. Our free whitepaper provides plenty of application examples.

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Global growth in the transportation of goods brings new challenges but also great opportunities for the logistics industry. Security and operations requirements are changing, while new technologies open entirely new ways to monitor and control the physical side of logistics. Here is where IoT can fundamentally change the game and gain additional value for your business.

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The potential of IoT in logistics and warehousing

Logistic services providers must meet seven requirements to be successful, the 7 R’s of Logistics: right product, right place, right price, right customer, right condition, right time, right quantity. To achieve this, processes along the supply chain must be both secure and efficient. 

Technology can help in both areas. Here are some examples of how smart security cameras in the IoT can make the work of logistics managers much easier.

1. Improve security & safety

With globalization, the complexity of logistics is growing and so is the demand for security. Transportation of goods around the globe must be seamlessly secure, regardless of whether goods are stored in warehouses or moved by truck, ship, train or plane. 

Where human surveillance reaches its limits, loss prevention camera systems can close security gaps within supply chains.

Example: Video-based fire detection with AVIOTEC

The latest camera technology and intelligent software algorithms analyze video footage directly in the camera. Real dangers can be reliably distinguished from apparent dangers so that false alarms can be avoided.

Source: boschsecurity.com

Alongside this and other security-related applications for preventing criminal activity like theft and burglary, loss prevention cameras can also help increase safety along the supply chain.

In our whitepaper, you learn how to use technology in IoT for detecting accidents, monitoring security compliance and more. Download here.

2. Improve logistics and warehouse operations

Nobody can keep an eye on all processes in a large logistics hub with plenty of warehouses at the same time. Computer vision in combination with video analysis enables security cameras to support wherever the human eye reaches its limits, e.g. in monitoring and detect vehicles. 

Example: Streamline access control with license plate recognition

Source: boschsecurity.com

Smart camera systems equipped with license plate recognition detect incoming and outgoing trucks. In this way, warehouse managers ensure that only authorized vehicles get access to transshipment points or warehouses. This logistics security surveillance technology is highly reliable as it is already being used successfully at toll stations on motorways or at border crossings.

Worth reading: Interview with license plate recognition specialist FF Group 

New exciting apps for IP cameras are constantly being created on our open platform. One of them is FF Group's EDGE app for license plate recognition. We talked to Oleksii Tsvietnov, CTO of FF Group, about his experiences with Azena.

Read full interview with Oleksii here

3. Improve customer experience

Customer Experience is the result of secure and efficient processes that can be optimized with logistics real-time video surveillance. However, an ai security camera system can also directly contribute to customer satisfaction. For example, by supporting the seamless monitoring and documentation of proper handling and the conditions of transported goods.

This is where video object recognition comes into play. It helps monitor the condition of goods in real-time and detect if conditions change, for example when boxes are damaged or opened. Such incidents often go unnoticed by the human eye but have significant impact results.

Example: Detect damaged or open boxes using object detection


Whitepaper: Inspiration and tips for the start. In our free whitepaper, you'll get plenty of ideas and sample applications on how to use video surveillance to make your business not only more secure but also more efficient.

Whitepaper CTA Logistics

We at Azena will enable seamless management of networked cameras by unleashing a new generation of AI-based security apps. With our ecosystem, our aim is nothing less than creating a global industry standard.

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