How smart security cameras help improve stadium operations & boost fan experience

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One of the largest and most technologically advanced soccer stadiums in the world demonstrates how you turn stadium security systems into multi-purpose devices for next level event management using Azena. A project we are proud of - here is a brief overview of the scope and deployed technologies.

Smart Stadium Security System combining IoT security cameras and AI video analytics helps security managers to systematically monitor and understand visitor behavior, gain valuable insights from video data and improve security and operations - automatically and in real-time.

The smart video technology that Azena and its partners deployed at a major stadium in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, could be a blueprint for many other major sports facilities worldwide. The CCTV cameras in and around the stadium not only provide raw video data, but also valuable insights that help operators improve overall visitor experience.

Smart video technology for stadiums in action

The famous dutch stadium is the perfect place to demo how AI video technology can be used to make complex operations in stadiums more efficient, more enjoyable, and safe for large crowds of visitors. The stadium management's objectives were manifold, so are the possibilities that the latest video technology empowered by Azena, offers:

  • Speed up visitor processing at access points to the stadium and parking areas.
  • Monitor visitor flows to respond faster to critical events, overcrowding, and congestion.
  • Gain operational intelligence to streamline stadium operations and drive cost efficiency.
  • Prepare for safe reopening and health protection during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.Mockup_Full-Stadium

Read full case study on this smart stadium project here. 

Azena provides the platform and software in its Application Store to achieve these goals using AI Video Analytics. New functions and capabilities can be added to existing stadium camera systems as needed, allowing each device to perform entirely new roles and tasks.

3 camera apps from our Application Store that stadium managers and security professionals can instantly benefit from

Some of the most innovative developers in the world offer their camera apps in our application store, specifically designed for the use in stadiums and sports facilities. All these apps can be installed in cameras and combined to turn the devices into multifunctional all-rounders.

Example #1: Detect queues and crowds at entrances and kiosks

Waiting in lines is the #1 visitor experience killer at sporting events. At large events such as soccer matches or concerts, it is difficult for security personnel to predict when and where the crowd will move. Therefore, operators should at least be able to react quickly when queues form at beverage booths and toilets. 

CCTV cameras equipped with AI Video Analytics for crowd detection can “see” more and trigger actions faster than humans can. The apps from our application store enable the cameras to detect the density of crowds in certain areas.

For crowd and queue detection, it usually makes no difference from which angle - top or lateral - Azena empowered cameras monitor a scenery. Where humans see best, so do smart cameras. In most cases, the position of existing camera systems can be kept or must be slightly adjusted if necessary. Azena and its partner integrators help you find the best solution.

Example #2: Detect fallen persons fast and automate alarm

A major challenge for stadium security personnel is to detect and timely address crowd anomalies. Persons fallen due to health issues or caused by violence or alcohol are easily overseen in the crowds. The risk of being injured is high for fallen persons and for others, even more so if crowd density or dynamics suddenly increase. 

CCTV cameras equipped with AI video analytics for fall detection can help quickly detect anomalies in crowds and, when connected to emergency systems, automatically notify paramedics.

Since the camera apps presented here are designed to detect behavioral patterns, rather than the identity of individuals, privacy won’t be compromised. If necessary, additional camera apps can be added that mask individual characteristics in video data and thus make persons unrecognizable.

Example #3: Offer comfortable parking experiences

At the dutch stadium security CCTV cameras equipped with license plate recognition from our Application Store are used to automate and accelerate check-in at parking space barriers. Smart cameras also provide real-time and statistical insights into occupancy. 

These insights can be used for a variety of applications, such as automating barrier opening, which significantly speeds up visitor access and reduces wait times for a smoother parking experience and 24/7 tracking of parking lot occupancy and providing real-time insights into parking occupancy rates.

IoT is about connecting devices to make stadium technology smarter. In the examples shown here, CCTV cameras become multipurpose devices that perform entirely new tasks and control other systems. This allows complex operations at sporting and cultural events with large crowds to be reliably automated. AI video technology helps improve efficiency and the visitor experience.

Azena provides stadium managers with everything they need to get more out of CCTV cameras. AI video analytics apps can be installed, tested and combined on cameras with just a few clicks. Configurations can be changed and adapted to new requirements just as easily. Deploying smart video technology has never been easier. 

Start browsing our Application Store here.

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