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How smart IoT security cameras help you make operations in healthcare facilities much more efficient

COVID-19 sparks a lot of digital creativity in healthcare and other industries where security and efficiency are critical. Our whitepaper provides you with plenty of tips and inspiration on how to get more out of security cameras in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

IoT Healthcare Azena

Azena is a straight-forward solution: get the latest AI Apps for video analytics from our Application Store and put them on your cameras. It's as easy as you know it from your smartphone. With every app you install, your cameras get smarter and add more value to your business. Ask your system integrator what you need to benefit from Azena.

In our previous article we featured 3 use cases for AI Computer Vision in healthcare facilities that help you improve safety & operations in healthcare facilities:

  • Use smart video analytics to detect fallen & helpless persons
  • Ensure staff & visitors comply with COVID-19 hygiene regulations
  • Use smart technology to protect patients’ privacy

All this can be achieved with security cameras equipped with AI video analysis capabilities. But smart security cameras can do even more, as you see below.

Customer Experience: use smart technology to reduce waiting times at receptions & emergency rooms

When many people arrive at the same time, bottlenecks and waiting times occur and affect overall customer experience. Intelligent video surveillance can help to detect occupancy early and call for more staff, as is already done at retail checkouts. Apps from our Application Store, which were originally designed for retail, for example, can also be used in other environments such as hospitals.

AI Retail allows you people counting, crowd estimation, queue management, computation of occupancy and over-occupancy (see screenshot) and generating heatmaps of any kind of facility. AI Video Analytics in security cameras can not only detect current situations but also help forecast events by analyzing real-time motion data of patients and visitors.


Source: Aitech

FLOW Retail is another camera app that provides full-area people counting and tracking, queue detection, queuing times calculation, queue statistics, detection of hot spots or peak hours.

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Behind the scenes: Optimizing entry & storage of goods

Just like logistics and storage facilities, healthcare facilities could benefit from smarter processing and storage of goods using AI video analytics. Security cameras equipped with object recognition make it easy to recognize suppliers by their vehicle license plates and thus automatically control access to facilities. Other computer vision apps specialize in detecting and reporting objects, such as misplaced packages.

PackageAlert identifies packages that are left in designated regions and unsecured locations. The system then notifies operators via email or text message, enabling the recipient to quickly secure misplaced packages in warehouse delivery areas.

object recognition

Source: Sparkline

Smart access & parking management: license plate recognition apps such as NumberOk Edge MMR EU enable fully automated access management in parking garages or goods receiving areas of healthcare facilities. Connected via IoT, smart security cameras can control other systems such as electronic barriers. License plate recognition is also available for US and other countries, browse our Application Store for camera solutions!

Adapting air conditioning to room occupancy & optimize lighting

Smart cameras can detect how many people are in one place over a period of time and help to adjust ventilation or heating systems as needed. AI video analytics also enables surveillance cameras to analyse the lighting conditions inside healthcare facilities and, connected with IoT building control, adjust the lighting as required.

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People Counting Apps like SAIMOS Counting and Isarsoft Perception enable security cameras to analyze occupancy inside healthcare facilities. Connected to IoT heating, lighting and shading systems, conditions in rooms and corridors can be adjusted in real-time if necessary.


Source: Saimos

IoT Excellence in hospitals & other healthcare facilities

IoT is about organizing devices, software and data intelligently so that a measurable business benefit for owners & operators of healthcare facilities is created as fast and sustainably as possible. The technological platform, which brings devices, software and data together, plays an important role in this.

At Azena, we have developed a platform that is open to AI software applications and cameras from a wide range of developers & manufacturers. Our platform enables you to test and implement new applications for compatible camera systems easily and quickly. Check out our Application Store for the latest groundbreaking AI apps!

Learn more about the requirements for IoT technology in healthcare facilities and how to take first steps towards IoT Excellence with Azena in our white paper.


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