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Semantive - Falling Detection

At Semantive, they use their expertise in video analytics to create computer vision applications that can enhance the potential of your business. They design solutions and provide services to make organizations data-informed.


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They're a certified team of software engineers eager to drive data-centric projects that apply data science & artificial intelligence.

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Product Demo - Semantive

Semantive is a raising digital transformation technology partner specializing in big data and data science. The company provides a set of services: AI use-case ideation, data readiness assessment, pilot projects and more. Their main contribution to customers is to understand and identify opportunities within key value areas and enable further growth towards a data-informed organization, streamlining the journey from insight to revenue. It also owns innovative proprietary video analysis technology, including anomaly detection and object tracking. Semantive is built on a solid foundation in software engineering, lean and agile principles. The company has solved challenges for Fortune 100 companies and start-ups alike in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and oil & gas sectors. Video analytics is one of our main fields of expertise.
Using their know-how and experience, they create solutions that can leverage the state-of the-art deep learning methods to improve safety in your organization and give you valuable insights about your business.

Visit us on our website https://semantive.com

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