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Improve security and operations in commercial buildings today!

Smart Surveillance in commercial buildings helps make operations more secure and more efficient. This offers enormous potential for landlords and operators of commercial buildings, as well as for app developers and integrators.


Powerful security cameras in buildings provide video data, smart apps on the cameras analyze data and trigger appropriate actions. Surveillance that required complex computer systems in the past are now executed directly on the devices. Handling is simple and user-friendly and the benefits are enormous. 

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The potential of IoT in commercial buildings

IoT is about organizing devices, software, and data intelligently so that a measurable business benefit for owners and operators of commercial buildings is created as fast and sustainable as possible. The applications are almost unlimited, in our whitepaper we show some of them that help get more out of your camera systems.

1. Improve Security: Threats in commercial buildings can come from humans as well as from objects. Smart security cameras can help monitor both in real-time to minimize risk. This ensures the occupant’s confidence and helps reduce risk-related costs for insurance or even damage repair.

Featured applications:

  • Use smart technology to detect fire
  • Use smart technology to detect suspicious and violent behavior

Example: Detecting fights using Vi Dimensions

s_D4312FF2672E9FFA2846C55A81A1133F30393BF423FD8984C76551EE9AA9A4B0_1571227863329_imageSource: vidimensions.com

2. Improve user experience: A major challenge in the management of commercial buildings is to assign clear structures for public, semi-public and closed areas and to regulate access for certain groups of people accordingly. 

Smart security cameras today are able to recognize people's faces and automatically trigger appropriate actions, such as opening doors. This creates above-average user experiences, reduces administrative effort and simplifies processes in buildings.

Featured applications:

  • Protect access to sensitive areas
  • Adapting air conditioning to room occupancy
  • Improve ergonomics at the workplace

3. Improve buildings operations: The Internet of Things is about intelligently connecting devices and processing data. Smart security cameras equipped with specialized apps can analyze video data in real-time and trigger appropriate actions such as smart access control.

For each of these areas, security, user experience, and operations, new applications and apps emerge every day. At Security and Safety Things, we support this development by offering an open platform on which new applications for compatible camera systems can be quickly and easily tested and implemented.

The future of IoT in buildings starts now

What is technically possible and helps to manage buildings more easily and efficiently will soon become established. Much of what smart video analytics can do is already used to make public buildings such as airports, stations and shopping malls safer and smarter. It's only a matter of time until this is also popular in commercial buildings. 

That is why now is the best time for landlords and operators of commercial buildings to deal with the latest technological developments in IoT. 

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