Why the security industry is the perfect place for app developers

Something unique is happening in security IoT. We at Security and Safety Things want to shape this exciting development. Here is why you, as an app developer, should be doing the same.

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The Internet of Things refers to the connection of physical objects (things) with a virtual representation in an Internet-like structure. It no longer consists only of human participants, but also of connected devices, platforms, and smart software apps.

Experts predict that globally more than twenty billion devices will be networked by 2020. A huge part of it will be in Security IoT. Therefore especially app developers should take a closer look at the new changes that arise here.

IoT is no longer just a buzz

Devices and Applications are getting smarter and more versatile every day. An IP camera, which previously could only deliver video data, can now also analyze data in one go. Devices become functional all-rounders, ready to add value in all industries. New applications are almost unlimited…

For example, smart security cameras help retailers not only make their stores safer but also their sales more successful. Stadium managers use security cameras to control visitor behavior during events or guide traffic on parking lots. At airports, real-time video analytics helps streamline passenger processing. 

Just to name a few examples where security cameras do much more than just video surveillance. There is a paradigm shift in the more traditional security industry and the technological development that is advancing.

Security IoT is picking up speed

Advanced technologies, more powerful processors in devices, edge computing and data processing at 5G speed as well as machine learning and AI pave the way for countless new applications in the context of security and beyond. 

What's needed now are groundbreaking ideas and people who want to help shape this exciting development right from the start, as we do at Security and Safety Things. If this could be your next challenge, here is what matters when developing for security cameras in IoT:

Security IoT creates the most value for businesses when the following aspects are fully aligned in one system:

Devices: Security cameras should be able to analyze video data. Here, high computing power, flexible app management, and fast data processing are essential.

Apps: Applications be easy to install and update on security cameras, just like app stores for smartphones. Camera OS should be based on popular systems such as Android.

Platforms: They establish a connection between connected devices and systems. Edge functionality should enable data processing both on the platform and in the cameras.

Security: In order to protect IoT systems from manipulation by third parties, applications for processing and exchanging data must meet high-security standards.

As an app developer, you need to consider these aspects if you want to build sophisticated applications for IP cameras (or other devices) in the IoT. By the way, each of these areas is a source for new product ideas and innovative business models.

Need for sophisticated apps

The demand for new technology is growing because companies are about to bring their security systems to the Internet. For example, 70% of retailers and 83% of transportation companies plan to increase their invests in IoT in the next 3-5 years. Same in other industries. Many companies will start from scratch with IoT, which is a new business for hardware and software providers.

And there is more to it: namely a hidden potential in security systems that are already in the IoT. Here, the trend is for devices to take on more tasks than they have done so far. Thanks to powerful chips, security cameras are able to process and analyze data. This requires apps that run directly on the devices and turn cams into smart all-rounders.

McKinsey found that IoT applications with video-analytics tend to generate more revenue than “typical” IoT applications. Security cameras are excellent at video analytics when equipped with the right apps.


What does this mean for you as an app developer?

Time to realize your app ideas (and earn money with it)

The time has come for groundbreaking innovations in IoT security. This is a great opportunity even for developers who have built software solutions for other application areas so far. As mentioned above, the functional boundaries between security and other areas are disappearing. Devices in IoT become all-in-one systems that combine a variety of functions.

Take away for you as an app developer: Security IoT is not just about security. It's worth taking a closer look and finding out how your ideas and skills can help taking the security camera ecosystem to the next level. There is a lot of potential particularly in the area of video analytics. Security cameras need innovative apps so that they can not only capture video but also analyze video data.

If that sounds interesting to you, then Security and Safety Things is your partner. We offer an open platform for developing and a marketplace for selling your apps.

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