Security and Safety technology: The best is yet to come!

The business segment of IoT and business related camera applications is on the move. Bosch-owned startup Security and Safety Things shows how companies can manage the challenges of security and safety. Get your free whitepaper today.

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The security industry is undergoing a profound change - towards advanced technology and more powerful devices. These devices can reliably recognize people and judge and anticipate situations - especially in image and video processing at significantly higher speeds.

Using numerous IoT devices such as IP-based cameras, sensors and security barriers, our environment will become increasingly safer in the future - in industrial environments and in commerce as well as in public spaces such as airports, public buildings or traffic.

In our comprehensive whitepaper on "Security and Safety - General Overview and Trends", we highlight the opportunities offered by current technology and the challenges for companies.

The growing performance of smart home devices means that the hardware components can also be used in security cameras for professional requirements. Resulting from that there are cheaper hardware components that can be produced and developed in larger quantities.

The improved recognition accuracy and processing of detailed information is associated with the challenge of processing exponentially increasing amounts of data in real time. In order to cope with the almost infinite number of provided data points and information, high-performance data centers are required - on premise, in the cloud or as a combination of both worlds.

We are increasingly encountering IoT devices - not only in the world of cameras - that do part of the data processing on the edge, i.e. in the device itself. In our whitepaper, we also explain why this will become even more important in the future - and why we will soon be processing metadata in a focused manner.

IoT devices need sustainable security solutions

In addition, however, there is another major challenge to the ever more complex technology in the IoT environment: It is becoming increasingly important to protect business-critical systems against attacks from outside and to divide them into different levels and protection classes with the help of network fragmentation. This is the only way to ensure that critical infrastructure is optimally protected against external attacks.

Artificial intelligence and especially machine learning will also play an important role in the future. Over the next few years, the technologies will help to understand human behavior better. For example, decisions in the area of object protection and person recognition can be made with greater accuracy on the basis of probabilities and experience.

The cooperation between man and machine in industrial production is also gradually being put on a new level. Security cameras can use external data (e.g. a employee’s time on duty or health-related values) to assess, for example, what a cooperating robot must expect.

All this is based on technical possibilities that would not have been conceivable just a few years ago. Companies that are dependent on high-performance security cameras and rely on that technical features will encounter a much faster development in hardware technology. Increasingly powerful SoC (System on Chip), higher resolutions and bit rates.

In addition, there is improved software, which in many cases is developed for widespread mobile operating systems based on Linux and Android. As a Bosch-owned startup we offer a special OS and a suitable App-Store the optimal basis for the development of Apps and for the porting of Apps to particularly efficient camera solutions. 

Together with renowned manufacturers of professional security cameras and software solutions, we develop a security-oriented operating system as a basis for high-performance safety and security applications - in industry, trade, logistics or public infrastructure.

First, we analyze the current situation in camera technology, then present five fundamental trends and developments in the field of professional image processing systems, and finally provide an outlook on the interesting future market for safety and security technologies.

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