Obtrasec develops radar technology used for terrain surveillance 

Obtrasec developed a radar module that can detect an unwanted object on any outside terrain, even when a camera is not able to get a clear image. Together with Azena, Obtrasec created an easy-to-install GUI that runs on the Azena Operation System.  


About Obtrasec 

Obtrasec BV is a Dutch company that developed a radar module that can achieve reliable detection in outside terrains. This radar can be added to any existing or new security system. The radar will create the input to tell the security system to start recording and alarm a control room for example. With the radar and video together, it creates a detection system that has verified alarms. 

Together with Azena, Obtrasec was able to develop an easy-to-use graphical user interface that provides the interface between the radar and the user. With this application, any user will be able to install a radar module onto their existing security system. 

Terrain surveillance with radar  

Many security systems are limited to monitoring a building. That is good, but it is better to also guard the surrounding terrain. Preventing anyone from approaching the property to cause damage, or worse, a burglary. The reason security systems are limited is because of the elevated risk of false alarms, especially false positives. 

By adding radar to a security system these false alarms will be reduced significantly or in some cases even eliminated. This means that an alarm will always mean that there is a threat on the monitored terrain. Being sure that the alarm really is a threat gives you the opportunity to do the right follow-up immediately. Increasing the chance to catch any unwanted people on the terrain as fast as possible. 

The radar of Obtrasec can create clear detections up to 50 meters and has a viewing angle of 120 degrees. When combining three radar modules creates a viewing angle of 360 degrees. This means that a combination of three radar modules can monitor a total surface area of 7853m2.

Radar Obtrasec

Advantages of radar detection 

Motion detection on cameras gives a lot of false alarms. Especially when used on outside terrains. These false alarms make it hard to give the right follow-up to an alarm. Besides that, the motion detection on cameras could be distracted by different light incidences, insects or small animals, and weather influences. Also, when a camera is not able to make a clear image because of smoke or fog, for example, motion detection is also not able to work properly.  

Radar is not bothered by insects in front of a lens, weather influences, or changes in the lightning. This results in a decrease in false-positive alarms, which means that a security service does not have to verify as many alarms as normal.  

With radar detection, security service is ensured that there is a relevant unwanted object present on the site. Even when a camera is not able to see a clear image, because of fog or smoke, for example, the radar will still be able to make clear detections.  

Newer camera models are capable of better versions of video content analysis. But that means that existing security systems need to be replaced by these new cameras. Where the radar module of Obtrasec can easily be added to these existing cameras. This makes any older security system smart and therefore more reliable. 

Obtrasec Control Software 

The Obtrasec Control Software (OCS) on the Azena application store provides the interface between the radar module and the user. With OCS different radar settings can be changed with the Graphical User Interface (GUI). It lets users draw a perimeter field according to the outside terrain, makes it possible to define the parameters of the radar, and lets users set timers for when the system needs to be active.    

Obtrasec Radar


Interested in finding out what radar technology can do for your security system? 

Feel free to visit our website www.obtrasec.com, contact us via sales@obtrasec.com or visit our LinkedIn page.

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