Our IoT Heroes: Mithil Reddy - Back-End Developer

In one of our three development teams, Mithil helps make buying and selling apps on our open IoT marketplace for users as easy and successful as possible.


What were your main reasons and motivations to join us?

After my technical studies, I have been working in my home town Bangalore in India for more than two years in a leading international technology company. My professional focus there was on project management, which turned out to be not really suitable for me because I always wanted to develop and implement software. So I decided to start an internship at Bosch, where I first came into contact with IoT, which fascinated me immediately. That's how I finally got here. 

What are the central values in your working environment?

As a junior, you are new to almost everything you do. My programming skills in Java, Python and other common programming languages help me with this, but I still have to find answers to many questions every day. I get a lot of support from colleagues and managers. At Azena everyone is in the same boat and working at eye level. If you have a question, you always get an answer, if you need to know more, you get training. It's about empowering employees.

“The team-spirit at Azena is unique, I have never experienced it like this before.”

What superhero power can you draw on when you need it?

Learning something new every day and applying it immediately requires the ability to quickly understand new requirements and develop appropriate solutions. I am very good at both, I am also very curious and always want to learn something new. Azena is the right place for this because we all learn with a completely new product every day. From a technical point of view, I'm probably the Ironman type of superhero because I love to tinker on new solutions.

What are the most interesting topics you will work on here and what will be the hardest tasks to solve?

For me as a rather generalistic backend developer, it is very exciting and sometimes challenging to deal with e-commerce applications for our IoT app marketplace. Before I joined Azena, I had never heard of SAP Hybris. Now I work with it every day. On the operational side, I am currently working on concepts like DevOps that allow us to continuously improve processes and communication related to product development. 

“My aim is to provide users, integrators, and developers with superior customer experience.”

What do you see as the main trends in IoT in a business context and from your perspective as a Developer?

The importance of data and data processing is already increasing dramatically, no matter if you look at it from a business or a developer's point of view. Data plays the leading role, followed by software and finally hardware, which gives IoT a physical casing. Cloud computing is only the first step, as data and functions are becoming more and more decentralized. In the future, devices will no longer be specialists for just one function, but generalists which can handle many tasks.  

Mithil, thank you very much for the chat!

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