Meet us at Bosch Connected World + hackathon for IoT developers

We're thrilled to be part of this year’s Bosch Connected World (BCW) and Bosch Connected Experience (BCX) on 15th - 16th May, 2019 in Berlin. Here's where you can experience our open platform for IoT security applications live!

Bringing IoT solution

There you can experience Security and Safety Things in two ways: We will present our open platform for security camera apps at the Bosch Connected World exhibition. At the Bosch Connected Experience hackathon, you also get the chance to implement your own camera apps on our platform.

Bringing IoT solution ideas to life

BCX is open to all new and experienced coders, developers, UX, and product designers. Perfect for anyone who is ready to bring their IoT solution ideas to life. 

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This year the BCX comes with hack challenges to these hot IoT topics:

#1 Mobility: Vehicles equipped with cameras and sensors are connected to the cloud to share and receive the data they collect on the road. Join this challenge and kick-start the next generation of connected cars!

#2 Manufacturing: This hack challenge is for people who are passionate about making Industry 4.0 happen, and who want to get actionable insights that benefits production experts.

#3 Buildings: This hack challenge comes with a wide range of hardware that connects to the Bosch Connected Building Platform. Join this hack challenge to change the way we live, work and use buildings!

#4 Utility Cross Domain: In this hack challenge you tackle solutions to fire prevention, demand response, energy transparency, or utility billing. Join this hack challenge to solve everyday problems in our lives for real!

#5 Social Impact: Reducing air pollution, improving water conservation, saving critical species – these are just a few examples of the many ways that the IoT can 

transform our world for the better. Join this hack challenge to set real social impact!

We from Security and Safety Things will support the "buildings" hack challenge with three coaches from our team. Looking forward to exciting new ideas and inspiring exchange with people who want to shape IoT. 


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Meet Security and Safety Things at the “buildings” IoT Hackathon

This hack challenge puts you in the right place to easily create professional IoT solutions for connected buildings. It comes with a wide range of hardware, including IP cameras, installed and pre-connected to cloud solutions such as Bosch IoT Suite, Microsoft Azure, and others.

The aim is to develop a fully executable app within two days. If you want, you can develop and test your app directly on our new open platform. We provide you with an app skeleton, that already contains relevant computer vision and deep vision libraries, e.g. to let the camera recognize the posture of people (pose detection). The rest is up to you!

For further information and tickets visit www.bosch-connected-world.com

Venue in Berlin

This year’s BCX is located at the Kühlhaus Berlin. For the first time, the BCX is taking place in its own dedicated location. The Kühlhaus Berlin is an industrial monument and cultural landmark in the heart of Germany’s capital. The unique pre-war architecture makes the Kühlhaus Berlin a dynamic place that has, constantly reinvented itself.


About Bosch Connected Experience (BCX)

Bosch Connected Experience is part of the Bosch Connected World (BCW) that brings together the best minds to catalyze the creation of connected products and solutions invented for life. In 2018 more than 700 developers competed in a broad variety of challenges, ranging from Mobility and Autonomous Driving to Manufacturing and Connected Homes and Buildings.

Learn more about BCX at www.bosch-connected-world.com/hackathon

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