Our IoT Heroes: Maximiliane Nolden - Business Development Manager

Maximiliane studied Business Administration with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. At Security and Safety Things, she supports camera manufacturers in making their IoT devices smarter.


What appealed to you to join a startup in a fast-moving tech environment?

During my studies, I have already gained experience in different IoT-related topics which I have further expanded during several internships with a car manufacturer working on connected and self-driving cars, an innovation consulting firm as well as startups. What fascinates me most about IoT tech is how fast it progresses. Besides, the startup spirit fits perfectly with what I expect from my job: room for my own ideas, a fast-paced environment and a team with a common vision. That's exactly what Security and Safety Things offers.

What’s your biggest and most exciting challenge you’re working on right now?

Our main challenge is to bring together different groups of stakeholders on one open IoT platform.

My job is to convey to camera manufacturers the substantial added value that Security and Safety Things has to offer to them and their customers. That means getting them excited about a new innovative business model. That's not always easy, but it's great to see how every week new collaborations emerge and we gain additional momentum.

What superhero power can you draw on when you need it?

I can adapt very quickly to new situations and challenges, just like a chameleon. It can adapt its surface without changing its essence. This ability helps me a lot to react appropriately to new and often unpredictable situations and demands. That's why the constant change and variety of challenges in a startup fits me very well.

Which general trends do you expect in the IoT security and safety industry?

Expectations of IoT are constantly growing. Accordingly, IoT devices must also become smarter. Camera manufacturers have realized that it is no longer enough to sell basic devices with basic software.

AI, for instance, opens up completely new possibilities to get more out of cameras; they do not only deliver images and videos, but can also analyze this data and derive actionable insights.

There are almost no limits and therefore no reasons for manufacturers not to take advantage of IoT.

Personally, what drives your motivation to hit your goals?

What drives me is the purpose of what we do. That's why it's not the short-term goals that motivate me, but our shared vision at Security and Safety Things. With every camera manufacturer I can get to use Security and Safety Things for their devices, and with every developer who offers apps on our open platform, we come one step closer to this vision. That motivates me every day.

Maximiliane, thank you very much for the chat and the opportunity to get to know you better.


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