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On the 10th - 12th April we participated as exhibitors at the biggest security trade fair of the year - ISC West and what a privilege it was to be there! We received both a very warm welcome and positive attention to our booth. See below how we progressed throughout the event, we are already looking forward to next year!

Sast Team photo at ISC West Booth 2019 Las Vegas

Booth Design & Concept

The core members of the team who planned and executed the booth design arrived a few days earlier to Las Vegas to construct the booth in Hall G (the main hall in the Sands Expo).


This is where it all began, state of booth just days before the biggest event of the year - no worries!

Subscribe for UpdatesIMG_0279

Everything still under construction but at least the showcase screen is working!

It’s fascinating how the booth developed in just a few days.


Final results just minutes before the doors open and the crowds roar through the expo.


Great hashtag and popcorn, lots of popcorn. Everyone loved this!

After a long couple of days, we were among the first to be up and ready, so we had plenty of time to fix together the final pieces of the puzzle and time to add additional wow factors to the booth.

The inspiration for a football stadium theme was inspired by the most popular sport in the USA followed by an array of possible use cases which we could present at the event. These use cases are listed below:


Booth design skeleton, with the question in mind - where shall we put this?

1. License plate recognition (1)

In this case, we used it as a means to get an espresso from us. The attendee would simply receive a license plate from one of our representatives. Stand in line and show the license plate in front of the camera, once the license plate has been recognized and accepted the attendee can help them self to a coffee. This was a fun, interactive use case which can be demonstrated simply with a result of great coffee. 



2. Queue Management (1)

Using the same scenario as the coffee machine, we also had a people counter app running to measure the number of people waiting for a coffee in the queue. 

Link analytix


3. Face Recognition (2)

In this case, we wanted to demonstrate how the application could recognize people's faces in a crowded area like a football stadium. If there is an intruder when has already been identified then the camera would scan the crowd and highlight the intruder as his / her face is recognized. This was demonstrated successfully in the stadium seating environment. 



4. Intrusion Management (2)

This idea is to detect the person who walks within the zone of this football player and his trophy, immediately letting security know they someone is trying to steal the item. We demonstrate this on the camera by highlighting the criminal in red and sounding the red alarm as you can see in the picture. 

2019-04-16_17h06_30Do not touch the trophy! Intruder detection scenario featuring our all star.

5. Bio metrics analyzer (Age + Gender) (2)

Also on the main showcase, we showed off the biometrics analyzer which would scan the crowd and mark the age and gender of each person. This application received lots of positive feedback and like the others a great interactive use case for the attendees to see live at the booth. 

A.I. Tech

Other than our developer partners we also had a camera manufactures wall showcasing: Hanwha Techwin, Bosch Security and Safety Systems, Vivotek, Altek and AndroVideo. See the image below as Hartmut Schaper CEO of Security and Safety stands proudly. 

Hartmut Schaper standing next to our camera manufactures wall

cameramanufactures (2)
Full view of camera manufactures wall, more to follow. Smaller screens next time perhaps?


To introduce and welcome attendees to the booth Nikolas Mangold-Takao sent out a welcome message on our LinkedIn page: see the video here.

Nikolas Mangold-Takao and Hartmut Schaper also did interviews with: Source security, SP&T news, SecuritySales & Integration, and IHS Markit.

Nikolas Mangold-Takao having great chats in an interview on the main stage
hartmut interview
Hartmut Schaper - Our CEO running his interviews

We undergo first ever live Hackathon at ISC West

In parallel, the preparation for the hackathon also begins in meeting room 607 casanova downstairs from the main exhibition hall. The scenario board was built representing a football field and cameras set up for testing and for potential use cases for the hackathon contest.

See the introduction video to our hackathon on our LinkedIn page

As ISC continues, the hackathon guys keep coding against the clock. Less that 24 hrs to game time!

We ran a hackathon at ISC West for the sole purpose of demonstrating how easy and fast it is to create apps on our operating system. Three teams raced against the clock (less than 24hrs) to the concept and develop 3 use cases.

Team “LotFinder” - Parking lot finder app based on vehicle detection and count for fans

Team "Crowd Gain" Football field intrusion detection app with automatic alarm for security guards

Team "NoMan's LandSecurity" Crowd detection app based on people count for stadium vendors

In order to judge the hackathon fairly, we had one internal and three external members who formed a jury. Security and Safety Things, Convergent Technologies, and Securitas

Each of the teams presented their idea and a working concept to a crowd of interested ISC west attendees and the jury each with their own unique story as mentioned above.

We are incredibly happy with the results of the hackathon and the turnout to watch the final presentations. Furthermore, we will run a similar hackathon at theBosch Connected World Hackathon (BCX) in Berlin. 


This international security conference as a whole was a very successful event for us and we are very happy with the outcome from our first event at ISC West. We met and made some great contacts along the way who are already speaking very highly of us. Thank you all for your participation and for attending meetings with various members of the management team and taking the time to learn about our security product.

Hartmut Schaper, Maximiliane Nolden and Nikolas Fröhle with Tanja Rueckert, CEO of Bosch Building Technologies

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