How smart cameras increase efficiency in transportation

Modern surveillance cameras not only provide video data. Thanks to intelligent IoT apps, they can also analyze this data in real time. This offers enormous potential for operators of airports and railway stations, as well as for transport companies.

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More than 20 billion end devices are already networked via the Internet. By 2025, there will likely be three times more than this. And IoT devices are becoming increasingly more intelligent and efficient. The reason for this is the progress that is being made in artificial intelligence (AI) along with increasing computing power.

This offers companies numerous new opportunities: They have the opportunity to use the IoT to better manage their resources, to design processes more efficiently, and to improve the customer experience. It is no wonder that 83 percent of transport companies want to increase their IoT spending in the next three years.

Smart camera systems in airports and railway stations

Surveillance cameras are everywhere in airports and railway stations. These are increasingly being networked and equipped with intelligent IoT applications. Powerful processors and operating systems make it possible for even complex applications to run directly on the camera.

video analytics for transportation is able to compare, in real time, video data with photos from a database, in order to identify people who are wanted by the police, for example. The applications can also analyze how quickly and in which direction people are moving, and can interpret these patterns based on the context. This means that hazardous situations can be detected and safety can be increased in passenger transport.

IoT applications in transport surveillance can even be used to increase passenger safety. In buses and trams, these can analyze whether more females or males, young or older people are in the vehicle and automatically adjust the passenger television to suit the viewers. Intelligent apps can also be used to optimize waiting times in airports and railway stations, as can be seen in the following example of Budapest Airport.

Reducing waiting times and optimizing processes

Security checks in airports frequently cause long waiting times. This frustrates passengers and increases the workload of staff members, which may cause additional security risks. For this reason, many airports use camera systems to monitor queues. If a queue becomes too long, staff will direct the passengers to a different security lane. At Budapest Airport, they have used an intelligent video solution to optimize this process.

This solution can analyze video data in real time and predict waiting times with 96 percent accuracy. These times are shown on displays in order to control visitor flows and to reduce waiting times. The result? Improved customer experience and increased security. By evaluating historical data, the airport management team can also improve planning for staff deployment.

Image: Intelligent camera systems control the visitor flows at Budapest Airport and therefore guarantee more efficient processes and increased customer satisfaction. (Source: Bosch Security and Safety Systems)

Source: Bosch Security and Safety Systems

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High standards for security and efficiency

Airports are facing the challenge of having to check in increasing numbers of passengers while, at the same time, guaranteeing a high standard of security. Camera analytics with IoT applications can provide significant support here:

  • Security cameras analyze the visitor flows and can also control these using smart displays.
  • Passengers are kept informed, in real time, about waiting times, when their gate is opening, and when the baggage carousel will start up.
  • Surveillance cameras with automatic facial recognition allow you to identify people who are wanted by police and therefore ensure a higher level of security in the check-in areas.
  • Camera systems in air traffic control towers analyze irregularities on the runways and inform the airport management team. New technologies guarantee the perfect view – even at night or in poor weather conditions.
  • By linking to other data sources (e.g. weather data, traffic data, flight bookings), camera systems can create intelligent forecasts about potential operational disruptions.
  • Video analyses can be used for the early detection of suspicious behavior, for example if employees are in sensitive areas for which they are not responsible or if passengers behave unusually.
  • Security personnel can follow suspicious people throughout the entire airport in real time.
  • The theft of luggage and other items can be detected early and prevented.
  • Unattended luggage can be discovered and investigated by security personnel more quickly.

The IoT therefore has the potential to significantly improve the operating ability of airports and significantly increase passenger satisfaction. This means that key criteria of the Skytrax World Airport Awards are also fulfilled. However, it is not enough to simply network the hardware. For a successful practical implementation, more is required: Applications, devices and platforms must interact perfectly, and a strategic overall concept must be ingrained.

We at Security and Safety Things support you in truly benefiting from the opportunities offered by the IoT revolution. In our new whitepaper, you can find out how you can get more out of your camera technology and gradually achieve "IoT excellence".

The digital networking of camera systems offers you unique opportunities to optimize your use of resources, to design your operations more efficiently, to reduce costs and to improve the customer experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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