How Azena helps manufacturers take their cameras to the next level

Edge recording is only the tip of the edge computing iceberg. Azena turns your cameras into business all-rounders. Find out how it works - your customers will love it!

Azena camera manufacturers

Take your business to the next level

Camera manufacturers know what great things their networked devices can do for users. Powerful processors and 5G data transmission in IoT offer almost infinite possibilities to get the best out of surveillance cameras. Nevertheless, too often edge computing is limited to video recording on SD cards. Smart algorithms and AI can help you take video surveillance to the next level.

AI-driven video analytics is the key to turning security cameras into powerful business enablers beyond security and safety. Smart apps give security cameras new capabilities you never thought of before, helping make business operations not only safer but also more efficient.

Azena gives you and your customers access to a universe of smart apps designed specifically for security cameras. Here’s how it works in 1 minute.

How it works

How to unlock innovation for cameras

At Azena, we have built an open platform that brings together manufacturers, integrators and software developers to create the best solutions for every future challenge. 

One core component of our platform is our operating system to serve as an industry standard for security cameras. Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it gives developers libraries, an API framework, and codecs to work with. Camera manufacturers may use it free of charge.

Azena opens your camera ecosystem to the innovation power of thousands of developers worldwide creating state-of-the-art AI applications and making your cameras smarter.

All you have to do as a manufacturer is to install our camera OS on your devices. 

These manufacturers are already on board:


What's in for users & integrators

Your customers and partners expect your cameras to be easy to maintain and flexible to expand. Conventional edge cameras have their pitfalls if each device must be managed and maintained individually. Cameras software may not be compatible with each device so that updates cause recurring problems and flaws in the systems.

Azena makes life easier for everyone involved by providing a standard OS for security cameras that keeps all application you install running reliably. And more... here is how our camera ecosystem support your customers and partners in creating and maintaining solutions:

Enhance your camera's potential: Enable partner applications publicly available in our Application Store, or restricted to your brand. Latest technologies help users to get more out of their systems and integrators to develop new innovative solutions for their customers.

Plug & play simplicity: Change, adapt, customize and maintain camera capabilities with just a few clicks in our Application store and Integrator Portal. Our Standard OS makes managing individual cameras as easy as you expect it from your smartphone, simply by equipping the cameras with latest technology you find in our Application Store.

Deploy extensions rapidly: Our free base OS is modeled after the popular AOSP. You save costs thanks to a modular operating system that allows you to focus your R&D on value-adding functions. Testing new functions is also super easy, using our worldwide community. 

State-of-the-art cyber-security & data privacy: Enabling data privacy by design. Only relevant data goes through AI on your edge-cameras. Based in Europe, Azena implements the highest data privacy standards, in line with stringent GDPR guidelines.

These are just a few of the outstanding advantages that Azena offers you as a manufacturer, as well as your integration partners and users. Taking security cameras to the next level using latest AI technology has never been easier!

AI video analytics for your cameras

When equipping your cameras with our OS, you can easily and reliably upgrade them with all apps you find in our Application Store. A huge developer community is constantly working on great new ideas and solutions, resulting in new apps for security cameras every day. This enables your partners and users to keep up with latest trends and react to new requirements in-time. 

We regularly introduce new apps for various applications and industries in our Azena blog. Here are some examples:

Traffic monitoring in smart cities

Smart camera apps like AI Road 3D detect, track and count vehicles, analyse their behavior and evaluate traffic density; Furthermore, AI Road 3D calculates the average speed of each vehicle, in order to alert in case of overspeed, and identifies its colour and type (truck, car, motorcycle).


Source: Aitech

Tailoring retail customer experience to age and gender

There are security cameras in almost every store. Camera Apps such as FaceBiometrics let cameras recognize visitors based on demographic characteristics such as age and gender. This enables retailers, for example, to better tailor merchandise to customers or, combined with other apps and digital information systems, to launch appropriate promotions in stores in real-time.


Source: Tribe GmbH

Monitor compliance with industrial safety regulations

Ensuring each employee wears a helmet and safety clothing at all times is a challenge for employers. Semantive PPE Inspection helps detect different kinds of personal protective equipment, such as protective helmets, hi-vis vests, protective glasses or masks. AI Video analytics enables security cameras to recognize and distinguish people and objects.


Source: Semantive

You can find these and many other smart camera apps in our Application Store!

Join Azena now

You get access to a global community of app developers using AI Video Analytics to get the most out of your cameras. 

Your users and integration partners get a simple plug and play interface that allows them to manage and expand security camera systems more easily and reliably than ever before.

So why wait join Azena?

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