How AI video analytics helps drive quality profitability in healthcare

Hospitals worldwide suffer from thin profit margins, preventing life-sustaining investments. Here is how smart CCTV cameras can help improve operational efficiency and quality.



  • Research suggests a lack of efficiency in healthcare facilities worldwide.
  • Automating monitoring can help increase the efficiency and quality of operations.
  • AI video technology can make a significant contribution to this.
  • Azena offers a turnkey solution to get started quickly and easily.

Thin profit margins in healthcare facilities

Before COVID-19, the median margin of America’s hospitals was a very thin 3.5 percent - a percentage only minimally sufficient for many hospitals to maintain their facilities and operations while investing modestly to improve their capabilities to meet community needs.” 

Kaufman, Hall & Associates on behalf of the American Hospital Association 

These alarming figures have multiple causes. One major problem is likely to be the lack of efficiency in the operation of healthcare facilities, which face ever-changing demands and conditions in the healthcare sector. 

As a result, the overall healthcare quality and patient experience suffer, as does the ability of organizations to attract qualified employees.

Need for greater efficiency in operations

Healthcare organizations that aim to remain attractive to stakeholders and survive in a competitive market long-term need to be responsive, well-prepared, and equipped with technology that helps make business operations more innovative and more efficient, as well as flexibly adapt to new demands. 

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New technology concepts such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), computer vision, and edge computing can make a significant contribution to future-proofing healthcare operations. 

AI-powered video technology blends all these into one powerful toolbox, enabling operators to make smarter data-based decisions and automate processes.

Video analytics can improve the efficiency and the quality of care in acute, post-acute, and long-term care facilities through patient-centric innovation.” 

Hartmut Schaper, CEO of Azena,

AI video analytics drive profitability and quality.

When it comes to monitoring operations, for example, to detect and respond to critical incidents quickly, CCTV cameras equipped with AI video analytics can significantly contribute to seamless operations and a superior patient and employee experience. 

Use cases for AI video analytics in healthcare discussed in Azena’s white paper

Areas of application

Use cases

Patient and asset management

  • Track assets devoted to patient care
  • Manage beds across wards
  • Reduce waiting times and queues


  • Comply with hygiene regulations
  • Automate sterile processing monitoring
  • Protect patients’ privacy
  • Ensure use of personal protective equipment

Safety and security

  • Predict and prevent bed falls & helpless persons
  • Automate access management
  • Detect violence and vandalism and react in time

All of these applications and many more can be deployed quickly and easily using Azena-powered cameras and AI video analytics software from the Azena Application Store

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Example: Use AI video technology to manage beds across wards.

The availability of beds and seats in hospitals can be determined using an automated occupancy check across wards. The same is possible with wheelchairs or seats. 

Bed Availability

Using AI video analytics in healthcare facilities to detect object conditions benefits both the patient experience and resource utilization.

Example: Use AI video technology to detect patient fall

Patients who have just undergone surgery or elderly patients with critical illnesses can be reliably cared for using smart CCTV monitoring. Cameras equipped with special AI video analytics can detect falls and automatically notify staff.

Bed Fall

Privacy Notice: AI video analytics empowers cameras to focus on analyzing specific aspects of a scene instead of providing raw video data including personal information. For example, by detecting only a patient's fall, and not physical characteristics that might imply his or her identity, privacy remains protected in accordance with GDPR.

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Three simple steps to implement or upgrade healthcare camera systems with Azena

Azena offers a fast and easy way to empower surveillance cameras with AI: Just choose the cameras by the manufacturer you prefer, powered by our operating system, or retrofit your existing cameras and add the AI video analytics you need from our Application Store

The range of AI video analytics apps available for Azena-powered cameras is enormous - each installed and deployed with just a few clicks.

brochure azena integration

Get more ideas on improving operations in healthcare facilities using Azena-powered cameras and AI video analytics from the Azena Application Store in our latest white paper, available for free download here.

At Azena, we provide the platform to bring devices and software together.

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How AI video analytics helps drive quality profitability in healthcare

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