GSX 2021 - We’re back with a special announcement!

GSX 2019 was the first time Azena participated in this great event. Like in 2020, we will be back mainly virtually to announce another milestone in the history of our IoT camera platform. Here is what you can expect.

GSX 2021

For technology companies like Azena, GSX is the place to be. What was missed last year due to the pandemic, we will make up for in 2021. Every business, no matter what size or industry, can benefit from our open IoT platform for video cameras

Equipped with our OS and AI video analytics apps from our Application Store, any video camera turns into a multipurpose device, adding value far beyond security. 

Businesses from various industries use cameras empowered with AI video analytics from our Application Store, e.g. in retail to make sales more successful and efficient. Stadiums and entertainment venues use smart video technology to create superior fan experiences by reducing waiting times and improving visitor flow. The list could go on...

A wide range of applications are possible to make business operations more efficient and safer, there are almost no limits. Just install as many apps on your cameras as you need. Just like you know it from your smartphone. More about this at GSX. 

Due to the pandemic, we won't have our own booth this time but will give virtual interviews, and offer you a lounge where you can sit, relax, and learn more about our open platform for IoT cameras. So it's worth being there!

Special announcement of a huge milestone in our company's history

Stay tuned! Which highlight apps you will experience and which partners will join us this time, we will reveal soon in our blog - subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

Sit and relax in our Lounge located in the center of the show!

Check out the official GSX trailer to get in the mood for next level technology

Flashback: Azena at GSX 2019

Exciting times when we first presented our IoT platform for security cameras at GSX in Chicago. Back then, we also had amazing partners with us, showcasing their apps live. In 2021, there are significantly more camera apps available in our Application Store and again, you can look forward to exciting live demos!

We look forward to meeting you virtually at GSX 2021!

Until then, you can learn more about our groundbreaking IoT platform and Application Store for video cameras here.

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