Control the traffic with GoodVision real-time traffic video analytics

Azena in collaboration with GoodVision Video Insights introduce a new real-time traffic monitoring solution for smart traffic control and urban planning, allowing traffic to flow and cities to breathe.

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Our cities growingly suffer from congestions, air pollution, increased noise, accidents and substantial economic losses reaching on an annual basis EUR 100 billion (delays caused by congestion, idle time in traffic jams, fuel waste in peak traffic and CO2 generated causing worsening air quality, etc.).

Traffic management has thus become a fundamental and complex problem of every municipality, with far-reaching negative externalities such as environmental, economic, and societal issues. The number of cars in the cities is increasing. The density of urban road networks is already high, and building new infrastructures becomes unrealistic, often leading to even higher traffic flows. Thus, when it comes to mobility, addressing accessibility and quality of transport systems is not enough.

GoodVision Live Traffic

Azena in collaboration with GoodVision Video Insights introduce a new real-time traffic monitoring solution for smart traffic control and urban planning, allowing traffic to flow and cities to breathe. This solution combines deep learning AI & traffic data analytics to fundamentally innovate the way vehicular and pedestrian traffic data is extracted and analyzed, utilizing existing camera infrastructure and being ready for data fusion. An application called GoodVision Live Traffic, which installs directly to cameras equipped with the Azena operating system, can measure traffic volumes and distinguish object categories and evaluate traffic offenses and collect metrics about vehicular traffic in your city. The whole analysis process takes place on the camera itself, allowing traffic data to be fully anonymized.

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Key features

Benefits of turning your Azena OS camera into a smart traffic sensor with GoodVision Live Traffic software:

Easy adoption

In-camera processing offers simpler infrastructure and easier configuration resulting in lower installation costs. It is extremely simple to technically adopt GoodVision Video Insights on any existing city monitoring infrastructure or connect it to city video management systems. Thanks to the automation of the process, it can outperform any conventional methods, especially manual labour. For this reason, it saves time and costs while increasing the efficiency of the whole process. This practicality has been one of the most attractive features of our product in the eyes of our customers.

High-quality traffic data available in real-time

Real-time traffic volume measurement and advanced traffic rule evaluation are realized using virtual zones. Supported features are traffic rules violation, queue length, vehicle speeds, risky situations detection, and providing accurate vehicle inputs to traffic lights controllers. You can define your own virtual loops to capture traffic events and violations.

Low latencies

Realtime processing directly within the Azena OS camera guarantees the lowest possible response times when measuring traffic volumes, detecting critical situations and patterns in traffic allowing immediate feedback to traffic light controllers, VMSs, or your custom data collection platforms.

Data savings

Collected traffic data are anonymized and heavily reduced in size in comparison with video streams. This allows usage of LPWAN networks such as LoRa or SigFox to backup traffic data in your centralized storage for further processing. Traffic data can also be synchronized with the GoodVision Video Insights platform, including all platform features for your long-term analyses.

Lower running costs

GoodVision Live Traffic means lower operating costs for your long-term surveys. Traffic data extraction runs on your hardware directly within the camera, eliminating the need for cloud processing and video transfer to the cloud.

Reliable and fault resistant

GoodVision Live Traffic software allows cameras to work in a grid for better data aggregation from multiple monitored locations to provide complete information about traffic in exports and inputs to simulation tools. The independence of each camera and decentralized deployment eliminates the single point of failure which increases stability and reliability.


GoodVision Live Traffic supports monitoring of 8 types of objects by default, but also offers the extensibility to detect any new user-defined vehicle type such as taxi, ambulance, dump trucks etc.

GoodVision Live Traffic

Real-time Data for V2X and Connected Vehicles

Traffic data provided by GoodVision Live Traffic are exactly what every V2X system needs to make the drivers and vehicles aware of the situation on the road. The fundamental concept lies in collecting traffic behavior and congestion information quickly and passing the alternate strategy to vehicles with on-line traffic information systems & effectively applying it to specific traffic streams. GoodVision proposes an enhanced traffic monitoring framework that performs quick information transmission from smart road-side sensors to V2X infrastructure and vehicles in real-time, which keeps drivers informed about congestion, free space, risky situations, and road obstacles.

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About GoodVision Ltd

GoodVision helps transport modelers and traffic surveyors to achieve incredible productivity in traffic data analytics. Our solution called “GoodVision Video Insights” is a one-stop shop for all the analytical tasks the transportation industry requires and makes your daily work more enjoyable. If you feel frustrated by the lack of reliable information from induction loops or other unreliable solutions, then GoodVision is the way to help you control traffic in real-time. Ask us about a pilot project now!

GoodVision Ltd is a deep-tech scale-up, operating from London, United Kingdom, and Prague, Czech Republic. GoodVision currently serves more than 3000 users from the transportation industry on six continents, daily processing loads of traffic footage. Read more about the success stories of our customers on our portal.

Daniel Stofan, CEO, GoodVision Ltd
Email: daniel.stofan@goodvisionlive.com

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