Get more out of your camera system using Azena’s AI video platform

Today's video cameras can do much more than just deliver video footage. Equipped with AI Video Analytics from the Azena App Store, they can also analyze video and provide actionable insights to improve business operations and success. This is easier to implement than you might think.

Azena OS for security cameras

You're an expert at integrating smart video solutions and you know that sometimes it can be a challenge to create the best setup for your customers. There are countless manufacturers and operating systems to fit together, and of course, the market is always moving, changing, and new use cases are evolving. So we thought, surely there's a simpler way to build exactly the solution you need, seamlessly blending almost any camera and app you need - the Azena way.

Imagine installing any app on any camera so that any device in your network can perform a different task using different apps. And imagine adding, testing and removing apps for various use cases anytime, as easy as you are used to from your smartphone. That's what Azena is all about.

We created a pioneering open application store that gives you groundbreaking video analytics apps and completely transforms the capabilities of cameras. Apps that run on all your Azena compatible devices, simplify your business - just sign up, purchase, and then integrate all the apps you need. 

Thanks to Azena’s operating system for video cameras, hardware and software are decoupled so you can create your ideal set up independent of hardware requirements. 

Why Azena camera Operating System and Application Store?

  • More revenue: Increase revenue per camera thanks to a wider range of use cases.
  • More flexibility: Create modular, tailored solutions, fast, mixing a range of apps.
  • Less complexity: Reduce training needs thanks to a standardized installation.

Installation with Azena is easier than ever before, no matter if your camera is online or in a local network. Azena compatible cameras and apps can be integrated into any existing infrastructure, such as video management systems. 

Get started, extend and customize anytime you like.

How Azena’s camera Operating System and Application Store work

Seamless integration

Integrating third-party systems is often a challenge. Azena gives you the full flexibility to create the solutions your customers have in mind. 

  • Integrate into a software platform: Connect to cloud, on-premise software, and platforms such as AWS, Azure, Microsoft Power BI, and Thingsboard. Native integration is enabled using common IoT protocols such as MQTT or REST for deep and custom exchange of data such as alerts for intrusion detection, overcrowded areas, or smoke and fire and analytics data like demographic statistics, counting, heatmaps, and many more.
  • Automate physical devices: Connect to actuators in the physical world via GPIO pins and steer them based on specific app events such as apen parking barriers, control lights and manage access control.
  • Integrate into a VMS: The Azena OS is based on the industry-standard ONVIF Profile S and T that allows plug & play compatibility with any VMS that supports ONVIF to discover and configure camera streams, consume video stream and recordings, transmit metadata such as bounding boxes and enable app events.

The Azena operating system is designed to enable standard integrations. In addition to this, Application Developers can add custom integrations for their apps.

Empower Cameras with AI

Install the latest apps with just a few clicks to expand what your customers can do with their cameras. The Azena Application Store offers groundbreaking AI video analytics of all kinds. And new ones are being added all the time.

Since all apps from our store run on the same operating system, you can combine different apps on one device or spread across multiple devices. 

4 Examples of groundbreaking Camera applications

  • Retail: improve store flow and revenues. Reduce queue time to drive customer satisfaction. Monitor store flow to analyze and optimize your merchandise lay out.
  • Events: detect specific people. Scan crowds automatically to identify people in a crowded area. Get alerted if someone falls or is behaving unusually.
  • Smart City: Analyze flow to improve traffic. Improve traffic by detecting unauthorized parking, analyzing flow, and use license plate recognition to detect specific vehicles.
  • Airports: Track threats at high-priority sites. Get instant alerts for threats at your site – detect firearms, monitor unauthorized site breaches, spot drones flying too close.

Many more are possible. All you need to wow your customers is Azena and your creativity.

Azena’s camera partners

Cameras from top producers in all major form factors run Azena’s camera OS - including dome, bullet, pan-tilt-zoom, and box cameras. You get the best of hardware and software.

Do you want to know more?

The Azena platform is built on the principle of flexibility - that's why we have created an operating system that also allows for easy custom integrations. 

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