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Azena and our partners offer you easy to install AI solutions to protect your employees and customers against COVID-19 and comply with related regulation. Find out how you can benefit!


Social distancing is the key to preventing, or at least slowing down, the transmission of COVID-19 from person to person. Where many people come together in confined spaces at shopping or at work, surveillance is needed to ensure appropriate behaviour. The same applies to make sure that people wear masks wherever mandatory.


IoT cameras, equipped with the latest technology and AI, can help detect behavior and characteristics that do not comply with regulations. 

Do you have occupancy levels under control?  

 Do people wear protective masks as required? 

Is maximum room capacity exceeded?

Learn more about, how IoT cameras can help ensure adherence to regulations in our latest blog post (with examples)

With our open IoT Platform, Application Store and Camera OS we have built the foundation for innovative surveillance camera apps designed to help address COVID-19-related challenges. 

Now we'll go one better: Azena provides a limited number of test cameras running our operating system. Selected integrators can equip them with AI applications for use cases such as occupancy management, face mask recognition and crowd control. Our partners offer these applications through our Application Store, and you can try them for 30 days free of charge.

You can choose from 3 combo suggestions:

1. Detecting the use of face masks

2. Control occupancy

3. Your custom COVID-19 AI solution

Each combo includes a camera and 2 (or more) preinstalled apps. 

Here is a selection of COVID-19 apps available

Crowd Detection

Group 8713 (1)

CVEDIA's Talos Crowd Detector detects and analyzes at-risk areas for physical distancing in corporate or public spaces. It detects people and the distances between them, and provides you with visual analytics that help you improve COVID-19 related practices.

Key features

Detect a wide variety of human features and situations

Trained for both indoor and outdoor scenarios, including daytime and low lighting

Effective for individually detecting persons in groups, busy areas, and crowds

Developed to perform for both cloud-based inference and on edge devices

Learn more about Talos Crowd Detector in our Application Store


Face Mask Detection

Group 8709 (2)

Use Face Mask Detection to efficiently monitor compliance with prescribed hygiene concepts. It recognizes whether people working towards a camera wear a protective mask and instantly notifies missing protections to a connected VMS.

Key features

Automated monitoring of individuals or groups with low staffing requirements.

Recognize whether persons wear a protective mask or a mouth-nose-protection

If people without protection are detected, a notification is instantly sent to a connected VMS


Learn more about Face Mask Detector in our Application Store

Occupancy Management

Group 8707 (2)

This real-time occupancy solution helps enforce social distance rules in retail to limit infection risk for shoppers and employees. Retail Flux Counter is also used in other public places such as restaurants, museums and galleries.

Key features

Developed for the most challenging retail environment scenarios

 Proved at more than 5000 distinct installation sites

Measuring with occupancy and visiting time metrics

Learn more about Retail Flux in our Application Store

Occupancy Management

Group 8711 (2)

By using deep learning algorithms, SAIMOS Counting detects and tracks people for counting. Counts are triggered when people do cross a defined line in both directions, for example, at entrances or at cash desks. The configuration is very simple as mostly just the line for the counting zone needs to be drawn.

Key features

People are detected and tracked for counting, using deep learning algorithms.

Counts are triggered when people do cross a defined line in both directions.

 A statistics dashboard is integrated on the camera UI.

Learn more about SAIMOS Counting in our Application Store


Ground-breaking solutions beyond COVID-19

In our Application Store you will find much more than just apps that enable your IoT cameras to monitor security measures to limit the virus. 

Video analytics for detecting people, faces and objects can help you in many ways in making your business more secure and efficient. 

In our blog, we're constantly providing you with lots of inspiration and practical examples on how you can get the most out of IoT cameras for your business.

Take a minute and browse through our Application Store.

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