Forget CCTV (as you know it) - here comes smart video surveillance

How AI technology and the cloud are changing the surveillance market and what great opportunities this offers for integrators, users and software developers.


Professional surveillance technology is rapidly spreading globally with a growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% per year. This development is being accelerated by a number of technology trends:

Transition from analogue to digitally networked technologies

Video surveillance moves to the cloud, or to the Internet of Things

Data transfer and connectivity in IoT become faster and more reliable

Smart apps are turning IoT cameras into business all-rounders

Latest video technology is becoming more affordable and easier to use

These are five good reasons for you as a system integrator to take a closer look at the current technology evolution now and make sure you don't miss any opportunities for your business. 

Now is the time to fundamentally rethink video surveillance as we know it from CCTV.

CCTV paved the way… but belongs to the past

For many decades CCTV systems have done a great job in security and safety and they still do. However, new technologies create groundbreaking new opportunities to get more out of video.

The change from analog to digital technology marked a first paradigm shift and paved the way into the cloud-hosted video surveillance. This lays the foundation for all innovations emerging today.

cctv public internet_2

Source: ipvm.com

Video surveillance components such as data storage and camera management have moved into the cloud. Data connections that were once physical are today naturally wireless. However, fundamental systematic and technological changes only occurred in the recent past as cameras became smarter and data transmission faster. 

Today cameras are much more than just the eyesight of surveillance systems.

The future: Smart video surveillance

Gartner predicts 5.8 billion enterprise and automotive IoT endpoints will be in use in 2020. A significant proportion of these are likely to be surveillance cameras used in various industries, such as retail, public transport and commercial buildings.

Today smart surveillance cameras add a huge value far beyond the security sector. In our blog you find many exciting examples of how cameras help make businesses not only safer but also more successful. Here are some examples that prove that the possibilities are almost unlimited:

5 ways how smart cameras will greatly improve public transport

• The secret of major retail chains to boost sales using AI and IoT

• How smart surveillance brings logistics and warehousing to a new level

• 3 ways AI cameras can improve fan experience in sports stadiums

Example: smart queue management to improve customer experience in retail

Source: RetailFlux

Main improvements over traditional CCTV

Technology today is available much faster and easier to manage than just a few years ago. As a result, IoT cameras create businesses value much faster and with significantly less effort and risk. 

Modern video surveillance ecosystems are highly flexible, enabling integrators and users to respond to fast moving environments in a timely and adequate manner. This also applies to IoT cameras, which, like smartphones, have become platforms for a variety of functions.

Characteristics of modern video surveillance systems

Scalability: system components and functions can be easily changed and added.

Ease of installation: implementation and testing of cameras and apps with just a few clicks.

Usability: full control and simple management through online user interfaces.

One outstanding technology trend which system integrators can already use today to offer their customers innovative solutions is device empowerment: powerful processors and AI enable IoT cameras to do much more than just deliver plain video. A growing number of video analytics apps turn cameras into true business all-rounders. 

Video analytics can be applied to:

Retrospective analytics (archive management, search, forensic research, machine learning)

Real-time analytics (surveillance, face and object recognition, interpret events, alerting)

Predictive analytics (combining retrospective and real-time analytics)

Video analytics apps run directly in IoT cameras, which previously happened in the cloud or on dedicated servers. In this way, surveillance cameras provide not only raw video data, but also ready-to-use analytics in a single operation.

Deep learning revolutionizes video analytics

A major challenge for developers of video analytics apps is to deliver the most accurate results possible. Where conventional algorithms reach their limits, AI and Machine Learning can help improve video analysis more reliable and efficient.

Example: distinguishing moving objects from people illustrates what smart cameras can do.



Source: AxxonSoft

How to take video surveillance to the next level

Security cameras are becoming more and more powerful, while at the same time there are countless app developers with amazing ideas and the skills to make cameras smarter. 

If both worlds can be successfully brought together, then nearly infinite potential for innovative solutions will be unleashed. This is exactly what our open platform for IoT cameras is all about. 

We have built a platform and marketplace where the best developers in the world can offer their groundbreaking apps for cameras from the most common manufacturers.

System integrators can choose from a huge range of applications to offer their customers even more valuable and innovative solutions. 

Innovation is just one click away, browse our Application Store now!

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