Reliable, secure, and cost-effective LPR solution with a perpetual license by FF EDGE

Nowadays, License Plate Recognition is widely applicable in cases from Access Control / Parking lot to Safe Cities and Tolling Roads. LPR on the Edge is still something new to the end-users, though this market is growing constantly and will continue to rise in 2022.

FF Goup NumberOk

About FF Group

FF Group, a Czech-based development, and software product company, has proven experience with not only LPR but also more sophisticated MMCR (vehicle Make-Model-Color-Type Recognition). Now both applications are supported with Azena-based IP video cameras worldwide* for smart and cost-effective solutions on the EDGE assigned for traffic, access control, and parking management projects. 

*for full list(s) of available countries, please check: 

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Building a Cost-Effective Solution with NumberOk EDGE

NumberOk EDGE application helps to scale your sales opportunity and leverage security system architecture for your end-users to create the most effective solutions with less server hardware required and less data being processed at the EDGE. 

Using LPR cameras as simple sensors helps to decrease server hardware expenses or the cost of a cloud subscription compared to perpetual licenses for this LPR software.   

Below is a calculation for a mid-sized parking or small-town project with 12 LPR cameras (channels). Camera hardware itself is not compared: 

Server-based LPR extra costs 

Cloud-based LPR extra costs 

Edge-based LPR 

Server = 2.200 € (2.400 $) 



Server-based LPR licenses 

Cloud-based licenses 


12*500 € = 6000 € (6.600$) 

Subscription = 12*500 € * 3 yrs. = 18.000 € (19.800 $) 

Perpetual licenses 12*500 € = 6.000 € (6.600 $) 

Total extra costs with server-based LPR 

Total extra costs with cloud-based LPR 

Total extra costs with edge-based LPR 

2.200 € (2.400 $) 

12.000 € (13.200 $) 


So, the cost-effectiveness of the Edge-solution on Azena platform is about 30% compared to the server-based and >100% compared to the cloud-based LPR for the end-user. 

For bigger projects simply multiply by your channel quantity. 

Plus, with an on-camera LPR / MMCR app, only text or image data is transferred, not a video stream, so cost-effectiveness should be drastically higher with Internet broadband costs involved. 

NumberOk EDGE application features: 

  1. Perpetual license. 
  2. Allowed/Banned list(s) of 2K plates each. 
  3. License Plate Country / State accurate recognition with time, snapshot / full frame. 
  4. LPR >95% out of all vehicles counted, 98% out of detected ones. 
  5. MMCR >90% out of all vehicles counted. 
  6. API for integration with 3rd party systems. 
  7. Free LPR updates at least twice per annum.
  8. The app can be customized and supplemented with more features

Please send your requests to o.plakhota@ff-group.org.  

Transportation Cases 

Law Enforcement 

NumberOk EDGE Application installed on Azena-platform cameras at entry-exit to/from the city or town, and key-point intersections. 

FF Data Factory** or other customers' 3rd-party systems collecting data for further analysis and push notifications. 

Result: real-time traffic (flow) data for civil offense prevention, traffic control, and traffic rules violation. For example, the system detects the license plate and makes an immediate match with the police database of stolen cars or identifies violators on public lanes. etc. Vehicle make (with License Plate) match is just another authentication for more accurate data. 

NumberOk EDGE

Access Control to a logistic hub / hospital / rent-a-car fleet management parking 

NumberOk EDGE Application installed on Azena-platform cameras at entry/exit of the area. 

FF Data Factory** or other customers' 3rd-party systems get data for statistics and analysis. It is necessary to grant access to the area visitors arriving by vehicles throughout all times and under the condition of a fully automated parking garage/access to an area. Sometimes, it is also necessary to fix the time of vehicle arrival/departure with photo evidence. This evidence should be stored for N amount of time in the 3rd party system. In addition, customers can get an immediate alert in the 3rd-party systems on special/employee/tenant / VIP / banned guest arrival for further procedures or immediate security actions, etc. 

NumverOk application

Customization of LPR / MMCR app powered by the Azena platform 

Using Azena-platform a customer can get a NumberOk EDGE application for the camera with its own set of features for a specific project. Download and test the NumberOk Edge app on any Azena-based camera and check if you are missing any functionality. 

 FF Group has been focused on LPR development for some 13 years, the 6 most recent years with an intense focus at the Edge. Collaboration with Azena (formerly S&ST) started as early as 2017, at the very beginning of this platform's successful launch. 

**Recently, the FF Group team has also developed the newest plugin to Milestone and other VMSs, the software is also available as a stand-alone analytical app with powerful POSTGRESQL DB. FF Group Data Factory’s low-code platform targets the collection of big traffic metadata from multiple deployed cameras to analyze and instantly interpret road traffic data for reliable information.  

For more info on this and other related topics please request at info@ff-group.org

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