Empower your cameras with AI Video Analytics

Getting more out of video surveillance is now as easy as installing apps on your smartphone, thanks to the Azena platform with cameras OS and Application Store. Here is how it works.

AI Video Analytics Azena

IoT surveillance cameras can do much more for your business than just deliver video data. AI technology enables them to perform a variety of tasks and turn cameras into business all-rounders. No wonder that the software market for IP cameras is growing at 103% per year (2018-2025), significantly outpacing the market-growth of devices (~13%).

The challenge for you as a video camera owner is to find your way through the growing number of solutions. Which new technologies are available? Which apps help you drive your business? Which ones are compatible with your camera system? 

To help you get more out of your video cameras, we would like to introduce Azena - an open platform for surveillance cameras with camera OS and application store, designed to make your cameras smarter.

Azena makes testing and implementation easier than ever and gives us maximum flexibility to customize your systems as needed. Stop using prefabricated all-in-one camera systems with limited adaptability, and let's move into the future of composable camera systems! 

  • Start implementing applications that are readily available in the Azena Application Store today and streamline your business.
  • Install, test and run applications on your security cameras with just a view clicks and without any development effort.
  • Get creative in leveraging and combining new, cutting-edge solutions to take the security and operations of your business to the next level.

Here's how Azena works:


What’s in for you as a connected camera owner

Upgrading your surveillance cameras with the latest smart video technology has never been easier. We help you find the AI apps you need to take your video devices to the next level. And we support you with the service, infrastructure, and tools by Azena to get new applications running on your cameras fast and easy. 

Save money, time, and effort

  • Reduce software licenses cost (typically account for 20-30% of camera price)
  • Reduce implementation time (50% compared to developing custom solutions)
  • Reduce training efforts thanks to a standardized installation process.

Interested in empowering your cameras with AI? Get in touch!

Latest technology & innovation in one place

No more tedious searching for the latest technology to get more out of surveillance cameras! At the Azena Application Store you find a growing number of apps for various cctv video analytics applications. A worldwide community of app developers is constantly working on expanding the range of specific solutions and bringing new ideas to life.

Today the Application Store offers almost 100 handpicked AI applications, redefining video analytics - and that's just the beginning. New camera apps are constantly being added for a wide variety of applications, such as people, behavioral, crowd, and object recognition, to help you improve both your business’ safety and security as well as operations.

Cutting-edge AI video analytics software enable your video cameras to perform tasks you wouldn't expect from regular security cameras. Equipped with individual or a combination of apps, your cameras will be able to analyze video data right at the device (edge) and communicate with other IoT systems, for example, to trigger automated actions and processes.

Empowering your cameras - some great examples for inspiration:

  • Retail: Analyze customer behavior to create personalized buying experiences and optimize the layout of your sales floor.
  • Parking: Streamline and accelerate vehicle access control with AI video analytics for license plate recognition.
  • Sports & Events: Monitor visitor congestion and movement and respond in real-time, for example, to reduce wait times at tills, restrooms, and snack bars.
  • Public transportation: Increase passenger safety by detecting behavioral anomalies, e.g. people crossing restricted lines on platforms, falling, loitering, etc.
  • Health: Monitor occupancy in buildings, wearing of masks, and social distancing to comply with hygiene regulations during the pandemic.

This list could go on and on. These examples prove that surveillance cameras can become true business all-rounders. Feel free to browse the Azena Application Store for the latest IoT video camera apps designed to add new capabilities to your devices.

Plug & play simplicity

We aim to make your camera systems smarter than ever and create more value for your business. Adding new features to video cameras should be as easy and flexible as possible. That's why Azena comes with a camera operating system that ensures all the applications you find in the Application Store will run reliably on your cameras. Provided that you use this operating system. If you are interested, we will help you to get it.

If you used to equip your cameras with expensive system software that was often too inflexible to grow with new requirements, you can now take a much more flexible approach: Azena allows us to customize your system when and how you need it. Let’s test, install and modify over the full lifetime of your cameras and get the most out of your equipment, even when traditional systems are already reaching their limits.

Just let us know what you want to achieve with your smart cameras and we'll set them up for you!

Cutting-edge cybersecurity and data protection

The Azena platform for surveillance cameras offers data privacy by design. You decide which data to transfer to the cloud and which to process directly on the edge cameras. This makes it easy to meet GDPR requirements at any time. And when new requirements arise, we help you quickly upgrade your system as needed.

By the way, if your business suffers from low-performance connections, processing at the edge and delivering lean data helps avoid bandwidth issues even when your system is running at peak performance and things get tight.

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