GSX 2019 Chicago - Come meet our partners live showcasing at booth #233

No doubt GSX is the place to be when it comes to security technology. That's why we'll be there from 9-12 September 2019. Accompanied by brands and innovators you can't afford to miss!

GSX 2019 Partners


Infographic - Partners-1

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We are happy to bring some exciting partners to our booth to demonstrate how smart apps together with ecosystem turn cameras in the IoT into powerful security all-rounders. 

For every developer who builds apps for computer vision, there are interesting companies that you should get to know. Here they are…

Compatible Cameras in Action

The cameras used at our booth to showcase our security ecosystem come from the premier league of manufacturers that we don't need to introduce.

Infographic - camera manufacture partners

Exciting Developer Partners at our Booth #233

Infographic - Application Developers-1

Newly on board… we are happy that the circle of our partners continues to grow.

HERE Technologies 

The Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location, from managing infrastructure, optimizing assets to driving safely.


“Brain Builder” is an end-to-end SaaS platform that gives organizations an all-in-one tool for image classification and model training, data tagging, deployment, and analysis.

Noema by DSR

Delivers complex software solutions in the area of computer vision and video analytics for a range of different market verticals.

Pilot AI 

Develops algorithms that bring artificial intelligence to devices in a variety of application areas, ranging from retail analysis to smart home solutions to government information.

Sprinx Technologies

Develops solutions for video surveillance and analytics dedicated to intelligent transportation industry enabling crucial alarms, manual or automatic response scenarios and statistics.

SNAP Surveillance

Enables higher performance and more productivity from security operators in managing large video surveillance networks – regardless of their familiarity with a site or facility.

Visage Technologies

Creates a computer vision software for face tracking and face analysis, featuring face and head tracking, face recognition & analysis(gender, age, emotion), eye tracking (gaze tracking).


Allows companies to run complex deep learning algorithms, formerly restricted to the cloud, locally on a range of devices. They are providing face, person and object detection. 

Existing partners … we have been working

with these companies for some time now.


Builds machine learning algorithms that are able to generate millions of facial identities and proprietary neural networks that are able to harness all this available information. 

Read interview with Allan Ponniah, CEO of Facesoft here


Offers intelligent security AI solutions on EDGE which can help in smart city and parking concept development built on vehicle plate, make and model recognition technology, situation analysis, etc.

Read interview with Oleksii Tsvietnov CTO of FF Group here

Link Analytix

Enables retailers and vendors to identify growth, offering products and services that provide insights into both the sales process and the shopper experience.

Read full interview with Espen Thømming, COO of Link Analytix here

Ai Tech

Designs and develops software solutions that are able to make a conventional surveillance camera intelligent, applicable for a wide range of applications.

Read the full interview with Alessia Saggese, Co-Founder of A.I. Tech here

At GSX you have the chance to experience our ecosystem in action. 

We showcase how smart security cameras in IoT can make airports not only safer but also a better place for people and for businesses. 

Here is what you can look forward to and how to get a discount ticket for yourself or your customers


We look forward to some nice chats! See you there! 

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