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[Case Study] Pilot: Peter Park, and IoT Excellence in Mobility

As we gear closer towards launch, we test the full potential of our application partner solutions at various locations across the globe. The aim is to provide you the Integrator / end-user real world evidence that our IoT ecosystem is fully operational. Download the case study to read about Peter Park's experience with us. 

Peter Park Mobility case study

Peter Park is a Munich based company, that builds and provides software as a service for parking lot operators. It was founded by Maximilian Schlereth, Florian Schaule and Patrick Bartler after the group gained valuable insight into the industry by building and selling the parking app GoCaspr.

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The goal of Peter Park is to fight for a world without barriers. They do that by using computer vision applications and other digital solutions to optimize parking lot capacity and provide free access to vehicles without the need for parking tickets, barriers or parking disks. Running on automatic number-plate recognition, their system also connects different digital services such as payment apps, e-charging systems, and navigation providers to further increase the security and automation of the parking experience.

This is just one of the projects that are leading up to the official go-live of our open source ecosystem in March 2020. We have plenty more content that we're excited about sharing with you in the upcoming months! So stay tuned to our social media channels and insights page to not miss anything.

Are you interested in partnering up for a pilot as well, and experience early access into the new era for the Internet of Things in the security industry?

Or maybe you are a computer vision application developer or a video analytic provider and you would like to shape this revolution alongside us? Discover new market opportunities, creative outlets for developers and the chance to monetize your solutions. Our new industry-standard, open OS IoT platform for security cameras will boost your business. Get started today and register your company as application developers. 

Furthermore download the case study below and learn how how smart camera systems can help you achieve superior results for your customers' security and experience.

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