C-LINK makes crowd gathering safer and more enjoyable

Where there are people, there will be accidents, especially crowd gathering accidents are particularly easy to occur. 

C-Link Crowd

C-LINK Technology is an AI software development company oriented to customer automatic processing needs, serving customers including police and transportation ministries in Taiwan. Several AI projects on going this year, such as using drones for traffic conflict risk factor analysis, smart bus booths to detect disabled and visually impaired people, and counting the number of vehicles at road sections and intersections. We focus on solving the problems that arise after the implementation in real environments and apply this with Ai-enabled applications.  

C-LINK has won the Innovation Application Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan and obtained the AI transportation service certification recognized by the government. C-LINK is looking forward to developing custom vision applications to tackle the safety needs of pedestrians, vehicles, and smart airport operational requirements. 

Through cooperation with Azena's technical support services and marketing, C-LINK hopes to promote Taiwan's successful experience to the international market and plans to stimulate more disruptive innovative services through international exchanges. 

As we know, accidents happen where there are people, especially when crowds gather, the accidents are particularly easy to occur. Especially in certain commotions, panic behaviors and extended stampede behaviors are all risk issues.  

Accidents are sudden and unpredictable. If large-scale gatherings are not monitored or planned by security personnel in advance and a real accident occurs, supervisors will be caught off guard. 

This is the design concept of this application. Through this app, supervisors can count the number of people in real-time and implement relevant security control strategies to prevent unknown potential security problems e.g., reduce the risk of clustering. For safety protection and the prevention of tragedies, this app is invaluable! 


The main algorithm of crowd detection on the market is to detect human figures, but in the case of crowds, the accuracy of this method will be reduced due to overcrowding. In response to this problem, C-LINK solutions are based on the development principle of counting people's heads and integrating a variety of data sets from streets, beaches, wearing helmets, inside buses, etc., with different directions f heads, like the top of the head, the side face, the front face, and the back of the head. C-LINK provides a suitable AI model that has been trained and implemented in actual cases in Taiwan, such as beaches and unmanned car shelters. 

C-Link app

This application supports unlimited ROI (Region of Interest) detection area drawing, confidence value setting, limited alarm of exceeding the number threshold, statistics of people by date, and support for integration with different platforms. Applicable areas such as inside the carriage (bus, MRT, train), waiting area (airport check-in, ticket gate, train platform, bus booth), event venues (museum, exhibition hall, conference room, church), etc. The benefits are to prevent major hazards and increase customer satisfaction.  

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