Azena to showcase AI video analytics for security cameras at ISC West 2022

Once again, at ISC West, we will show the world how Azena turns video cameras into smart business all-rounders in the IoT. Meet us at booth #23075 to find out more!

Azena at ISC West 2022
The International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC West – is the leading comprehensive & converged security trade event in the U.S. At ISC West, you have the chance to network and connect with thousands of security & public safety professionals and explore the latest technologies in Video Surveillance, Access Control, Monitoring, IoT Security, and more. Learn more about the show, opening hours, and how to get tickets.


Save the date! March 22-25, 2022 at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, USA


Azena will be there live - pandemic permitting - sponsoring the event and on-site with a booth packed with exciting AI video analytics applications in the exhibition area. Plus, we'll be shaping the SIA education program with a panel discussion on March 22nd. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet our team and discuss new opportunities for your business!

Don't know Azena yet? Learn more about the platform and solutions for IoT cameras.

What can you expect at the Azena booth?

  • Interactive demos on the latest and greatest AI video analytics apps for security cameras from the Azena Application Store.
  • Inspiring project reports and success stories from our integrator partners and customers using Azena-empowered cameras.
  • Live booth presentations on the latest Azena offerings and updates.
  • Networking “beer” hour with exciting people on the first and second day of the show one hour before the show closes. 

Whom can you expect at the Azena booth?

As Azena is representing Smart Cities, 5 core industries will be covered at our booth: Transport, Stadiums, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Retail. See who will be joining us at ISC West 2022 and meet our developer partners and their applications. 




LPR NumberOK 

by FF Group 

App description:  

NumberOk software can recognize a car’s license plate numbers, brand, model, type, color, and control barriers or automatic gates. It works worldwide (USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania) and with any IP cameras and analog video recorders by RTSP protocol. 


Object left detection 

by Intellivision  

App description: 

Real-time algorithms detect packages/objects that have been left unattended for too long and are not part of the normal scene, or when an object is removed. The system generates events with the location and size of the detected objects. It is ideal for smart home systems, retail stores, small and medium businesses, commercial buildings, warehouses. 

Stadiums / Entertainment 

AI crowddeepAI-Crowd Deep 

by Ai Tech 

App description: 

AI-Crowd Deep is the video analysis plugin that, thanks to the employing of advanced deep neural networks, allows to estimate the number of people inside an area, even in presence of a huge number of persons or with a slight movement of the camera, and to raise an alarm in case there are too many persons inside the area. 

Gun DetectionGun Detection 

by DSR 

App description: 

This is an app for public safety and surveillance. It identifies in real-time if someone in front of the camera is holding a gun in his hand. There are 2 alarm types, triggered by this analysis: one shows if the gun is detected in the frame, and the second one averages alarm over a sliding window. 

Manufacturing / Logistics 

Fire Detection


by Noctuai 

App description: 

The application automatically monitors your scene for smoke & fire and detects smoke even at a great distance. It helps to constrain the watched area of the screen if you have a smoking object like a chimney that you want to omit. 


Fall Detection Falling Detection  

by Noctuai 

App description: 

The app gives you the possibility of spotting a potentially dangerous situation at the time of occurrence. You can set which part of the scene is monitored. It works either in indoor or outdoor sceneries. 

FaceDetect Ai FaceDetect 

by Ai Tech 

App description: 

AI-FaceDetect-Deep is the video analytics plugin able to detect the faces of the persons inside the scene. It is also able to distinguish faces with masks from faces without masks. It implies that the plugin can be used for both statistical and security purposes.


LinkRetailMultiple LINK Apps 

by LinkRetail 

Apps’ description: 

ReailFlux Occupancy app provides real-time metrics essential for occupancy management of indoor environments. The metrics include the number of people inside, average visiting time, and total visitors. 

Link Counter is not yet another door counter! In fact, it is much more with its unique analytic skills. Link Counter's innovative features are proved at more than 5000 distinct installation sites.  

Link Queue is an advanced queue analytic application that can analyze all aspects of shopper activities inside a pre-defined queue region. Additionally, it can accurately predict queue density events by utilizing property AI algorithms.  

SiamosPeople counting & heat mapping 


App description: 

AI-based People Counting & Heatmapping App with the ability for stand-alone operations or to integrate with Milestone XProtect via the SAIMOS plug-in for Milestone XProtect. It is the first solution allowing Edge Analytic Cameras to be combined with Server-Side Analytics Cameras having the dashboard seamlessly integrated into Milestone XProtect. 

NeuralaObject Classification 

by Neurala 

App description:

Neurala VIA Inspector for Azena is a smart camera companion app to VIA Brain Builder, a cloud service for the rapid and simple creation of AI models for visual inspection. With Inspector for Azena, you can download models from VIA Brain Builder and run them in your Azena platform compatible smart camera.

EyespectEyespect Beta 

by Hesham 

App description: 

Eyespect allows the industry to overcome expensive digital renovation projects and drastically reduces the complexity of their IoT infrastructure demands, as it converts their existing infrastructure with the use of smart cameras and Azena open platform system without the need for buying new devices or care about connecting them.

Join us and our partners at ISC West 2022!  

Book a meeting in advance!

Four days go by quickly and the schedules of our AI Video experts are soon filled with appointments. If you want to discuss with our team on-site and in more detail how you can use Azena's IoT platform for video cameras in your business, for example, to make operations more efficient and reliable, the best thing to do is to book a meeting today.

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Can’t come to Las Vegas? Of course, you can also reach us remotely if you can't attend the show in person. Our colleagues will then take care of booking a virtual meeting with you.

We look forward to seeing you there! As more and more Azena-enabled camera systems are installed around the world and the range of AI Analytics apps for security cameras in our Application Store continues to grow, there is much to discover.

Azena Team at ISC West Booth 2019 Las Vegas 

See our ISC West 2019 Recap - back then branded as “Security and Safety Things”.

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