10 ways AI is transforming the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry recognizes the potential of AI to make operations at remote sites safer. We share some examples of remote monitoring applications using AI video analytics.

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AI remote monitoring is on the rise

Research analysis by Mordor Intelligence expects the global AI in oil and gas market to reach a value of US$3,349.89 million by 2026, reaching a CAGR of 10.14% between 2021-2026.

“As the cost of IoT sensors declines, more major oil and gas organizations are bound to start integrating these sensors into their upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, along with AI-enabled predictive analytics.” - Mordor Intelligence

Other drivers of AI in the oil and gas industry are likely to be increasingly powerful hardware and software, as well as the emergence of turnkey, AI solutions, e.g. AI video analytics for automated remote monitoring, which can be implemented very quickly and with little effort.

Today, it is easier than ever for operators and system integrators to benefit from AI. Azena's open IoT platform and Application Store for video cameras set the stage to turn security cameras into smart business all-rounders with just a few clicks.

How AI-driven remote monitoring improves safety and security

Objectives: reduce hazards to people and equipment, respond quickly to critical incidents, and reduce on-site visiting hours.

AI video analytics comes with a wide range of ready-to-use camera solutions that help oil and gas production operators make remote monitoring of their assets more efficient through automation, while at the same time more reliable through advanced hardware and software.

Example #1: Remote inspection to reduce hazards

The more remote a production site is, the longer it takes for help to arrive in the case of an accident. Therefore, it is crucial to minimize the hazard to people by continuously monitoring and inspecting the site. This is where AI video cameras can make a significant contribution.

Automated smoke and fire detection using AI video analytics

In environments with flammable and explosive materials, heat and fire are major threats to people and equipment. Smoke can be the first indication of a major problem but often goes unnoticed. AI video analytics enables cameras to detect smoke and alert at an early stage.


Source: cleanconnect.ai

Browse the Azena Application Store for AI Smoke Detection now!

Example #2: Monitoring for health and safety compliance

The wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a key element in any safety concept for industrial facilities. Operators are responsible for complying with health and safety regulations. Manual PPE monitoring is often not reliable enough, so AI comes into play here.

Automated helmet and hi-vis vest wear detection using AI video analytics

AI-enabled video cameras on-site monitor the wearing of PPE by continuously checking all workers for clothing characteristics. If particular features are missing, such as a helmet, vest, or gloves, an alarm or notification is triggered if necessary.


Note: AI PPE check does not record the identity of individuals, ensuring 100% privacy.

Similar to PPE, the wearing of mouth and nose masks can also be monitored automatically for compliance with hygiene regulations. The wearing of gas masks can also be monitored.

Example #3: Protect against intrusion and unauthorized access

Remote, low, or unmanned facilities are favored targets for burglary and vandalism. On-site security cameras equipped with specialized AI video analytics can reliably detect suspicious behavior even in low visibility conditions and trigger alarms when linked to other systems.

The following figure shows a camera view detecting intrusion into a defined area at night:

Source: A.I. Tech srl - Find their app in the Azena Application Store

More applications of AI in the oil and gas industry

  • Detect vandalism as it happens and automatically call for help
  • Recognize workers fallen to the ground as a result of an accident
  • Detect people in hazardous areas of plants and stop production automatically
  • Detect leaking gasses to prevent poisoning of the crew
  • Identify suspicious objects, boxes, bags, and others that may contain explosives
  • Detect loitering objects that could become a hazard to vehicles

Digital solutions are being developed in all areas where AI can help make oil and gas production and transportation operations safer and more efficient. Here it is worth looking for “low-hanging fruits” - solutions that can be implemented quickly and with little effort.

Quick wins of remote monitoring using AI video technology powered by Azena

Azena allows users and video system integrators to quickly deploy turnkey remote monitoring solutions to video cameras with minimal effort. By simply installing from the Azena Application Store, operators benefit from the latest AI technologies threefold:

  • Increase efficiency: reduce costs and resources for remote monitoring
  • Improve quality: ensure the reliability of monitoring, avoid errors and gaps
  • Ensure compliance: prevent violations of work and health regulations

Want to benefit from AI video analytics today? Then browse the Azena Application Store to find exactly the ready-to-use apps that will turn your video cameras into true business all-rounders.

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